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DS9 Fallen and Unreal mods


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Like the post before. I was talking to someone on youtube about a DS9 game mod idea. So I was wondering if anyone here have or is a mod for the DS9 Fallen game or Unreal games. Also is there anything that can draw anime or comicbook style.

If there is anyone this is much appreaced...Also I'll put up a facebook page about the game.


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There used to be a group of hardcore Fallen players (including one of the game's developers) who'd created an expansion called Convergence.

Basically, it places all three characters (Sisko, Worf, and Kira) in those combat/stealth suits you see near the end of The Fallen ... and then ramps up the difficulty to ABSOLUTE INSANITY, with wave after wave of Dominion troops just coming at you from all sides.

Yeah, forget about exploration in Convergence. Instead, it's all about the blasting.

I consider myself to be a decent gamer, but even I was turned off by the Convergence challenge. The level designs were pretty cool, however.

Anyway, you might want to Google it...

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Ok, but later On I'm going to make a detailled page on this.

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