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Star Trek in general


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Okay so I guess you like Star Wars. Which is actually poorly written. And George Lucas is a terrible film maker. Now as a writer and a fimmaker myself. Star Trek is one of the finest examples of writing excellence in film and televison. And may you bring an example of something that is poorly filmed. Your argument  seems uninformed and byist. Now discuss.

BTW I actually like Star Wars because the cheese doesn't bother me. Just thought I would bring it up.

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And Don't give me the crap about Star trek not being Realistic... its far more realistic than Star Wars .Star trek is Well Written..... much better than Star Wars.... And Honestly you can't compare the Two.... Star Wars had a bigger budget than TOS ever Had... that's gonna make a Difference.... And Star Trek Came First by a couple of years... So if you ask me that Makes george Lucas Unoriginal.... And to your "May the Force Be with You" comment I say this..... Live long and Prosper Big Bad Wolf A question for you Big Bad wolf...... 1. Why are you on here if You don't like trek????? 

Jim Kirk

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Star wars is for kids star trek is for adults


Jar Jar Binks!


I rest my case

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Seriously, how can you create an account on, shoot down everybody here, say "no offense" at the end, and expect people not to be offended?

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Didn't you read the message board guidelines?

I quote:

Do not spam: post topics or replies which are just one word or just your name, or repeat the same reply over and over.

Do not troll: post topics or replies which are inflammatory and intend only to provoke an angry response from others.

Do not flame: insult another user.

If you do, your posting privilege will be revoked.

Questions, anyone?


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One point people here seem to be overlooking is that Star Trek has a place to go:  into the future.  Star Wars was about a galaxy in the distant past, wasn't it?  Then, the movies (in threes) jumped around, so it was hard to remember what happened first.

With Star Trek, they could launch a new series of films, TV shows or books and carry developments forward into the infinite future.  As long as you keep the timeline moving in the right direction, there should be no problem.

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i never read the books but as far as series go the most not annoying is TOS since tng.. fight scenes(tos incl) are dull at best all starfleet personal seems retarded at best take sisko for example in ship to ship combat he stand not like person in fight but like he is on spa therapy.. playing chess you will be more agitated..

The idea off making human race so slow mo retarded and gay like...have bugged me  since watching st for first time.. but voyager was the top retarded of all series.. i wonder why most if not all sci-fi series make the main cast(mostly humans) the gooders in the galaxy.. mirror TOS were so mutch more human like

since tng almost every major problem the federation has is dull at best few exeptions here and there but overall the feds are retarded..


ps no ofence just an opinion..



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@ dreem24

I don't blame you. It's not your fault. Some persons just don't have the required amount of braincells to get it. Is it genetic? A lack of education? It's not important. Try to live your life the best you can. You must be able to do something with your life, even with your limited capacities.

Again, i don't blame you. Life long and prosper.


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HOw can you have an account on here if you don't like the Star Trek series to begin with? If you don't like it then you shouldn't have wasted your time making an account here in the 1st place. If you like Star Wars then go to a Star Wars fan forum site.

In my opinion I never understood Star Wars because the plot didn't make any sense, all I saw was a bunch of people in peasant clothes fighting with glow sticks in some distant galaxy. At least with Star Trek I learned about friendship, peace treaties and negotiations, discrimination, diversity, relationships, war, government power, psychology and peace. Plus people have been inspired by Star Trek to become astronauts, travel in outerspace, and discover new planets and lifeforms. I would like to ask what has Star Wars inspired people to do in the future? The answer is NOTHING!!


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After you've seen "The Next Generation," other STAR TREK falls short ... TNG is all I need.


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Quote: 2takesfrakes @ Mar. 03 2012, 10:43 am


>After you've seen "The Next Generation," other STAR TREK falls short...


Speak for yourself...I prefer DS9.

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Quote: /view_profile/ @


>I basically just think that it's really sad that people love star trek so much.  It's poorly filmed, it's not acted out well and it's CLEARLY not realistic.  I'm not trying to be offensive, but I just don't think it's that good and I basically wanted to see what you guys thought this.

>May the force be with you.


Well ok -- be sad then. But I would ask you this: If you dislike Star Trek so much, why are you signed up to a Star Trek fansite? Now, not that I'm about to lose any sleep over it, but that's sad!

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I like both Star Trek and Star Wars! They are what they are. I respect other peoples' views if they like either or both, or naught. I'm also a Doctor Who fan, too. I was in a DW group and the mention of Trek would make some of them grimace. I am looking forwards to the TNG/DW comic book crossover with the 11th Doctor. I'm aware of the Trek vs. Star Wars and DW vs. Trek, and Trek vs. (insert Sci-Fi show here) debates. They each standout on their own. All have their loyal and dedicated fanbases, conventions, merchandise, books, etc. There's always going to be that faction of fans who are putting down the other's favourite telly/movie franchise and dissing it. We are free to say how much we don't like something, or on the writing, etc. I just don't care for the mudslinging when some people go overboard on really trashing something, and that's when it turns ugly in verbal postings. Just respect the other. It's a big universe and there is room for all!


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This is clearly a troll thread.  Please stop posting and let this thread die.


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And the person is gone for good

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