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Jem'Hadar , klingon vs human


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 Jem'Hadar or Klingon vs human on who you will bet? Me human here is why.. take startrek human reduce morale by 2.0 points, add 2.0 sadism, 2.0 brute force, add 2.0 aggression, +3 points selfishness + 4 cunning + 5 intelligence


sadism, brute force , aggression , cunning and intelligence maybe higher if the human is sociopath
 or psychopath


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Sisko took on both and won.


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Unless the human has the rank of Captain or calls himself Lord Garth (or Khan) (either of which would nicely fit the sociopath contingent you mention), I've got my money on the Jem'Hadar.


You've stacked the deck against the klingons and jem'hadar by assuming that the human in question is an exceptional example.  Martok v. Lord Garth v. Mr. Best Jem'hadar ever and I'd say Garth would be the one walking away.  Transporter Chief Kyle pitted against any old example of jem'hadar and klingon and you'll be mopping up some English guts.

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If we place the three species in battle I say this: Humans would win because the Klingons Would be to drunks to fight well and Jem´Hadars do not thing so much for themselves but what the Vorta commands


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Quote: FleetAdmiral_BamBam @ Feb. 27 2012, 9:24 pm


>Sisko took on both and won.



That's becuase Sisko is the man.


Jem'Hadar kick ass

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I think Klingons would defeat the drug-crazed Jem'Hadar.  Humans would finish a puny third.

I would like to see Klingons and Cardassians battling in a ring!

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