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Fan fiction idea?


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It would be set in the time of Star Trek: Enterprise in an alternate reality where much of the Alpha Quadrant known from the other series is controlled by the Cardassians and Romulans.

At the start of the story, Tellar, Bajor, Betazed and Earth (and other planets) are under Cardassian occupation while an alliance of Vulcans, Andorians, Nausicaans, Klingons and the Human resistance (as well as other less-important species) fight against the Cardassians. The Andorian and Vulcan fleets are successful in defeating the Cardassians above Earth while a global uprising by the Humans forces the Cardassians on the planet to flee.

As the fighting dies down and the allied war effort seems to finally be gaining momentum, a fleet of Romulan warships decloaks and informs the Vulcans and Andorians that the Sol System is under the control of the Tal Shiar. After another battle, the Tal Shiar fleet is forced to withdraw after swearing revenge.

After the Battle of the Sol, the Tal Shiar claims that the Allied fleet attacked them in Romulan space. This leads to a declaration of war between the Romulan Star Empire and the Allies.

Seeing an opportunity for freedom, the Remans launch a massive uprising across the empire. They offer help and ask for membership in the Alliance and they are accepted. They reveal the offensive actions of the Tal Shiar in the Sol System and spark a resentment of the government among the Romulan people. Seeing the war lose support almost before it had started, the Tal Shiar launches a covert coup d'tat, gaining control of some 40% of the military and most of the government. While the Tal Shiar continues a war with the Allies and announces an alliance with Cardassia, a three-sided civil war breaks out between the exiled Senate, the Reman resistance (with Allied and limited Romulan support) and the dominant Tal Shiar.

Winning its first major victory, the Reman resistance seizes control of 47 Romulan warships and takes them to Betazed, where the Allies plan to attack a Cardassian military base. With the support of the Reman reinforcements, the Vulcan, Andorian and Human fleets defeat the Cardassians, forcing them to withdraw from the sector. In response to the second major victory of the allies during the war with Cardassia (after the Battle of the Sol), the Denobulans, Betazoids, Ktarians, Ferengi and Xyrillians begin negotiations to join the war against the Cardassians.

Eventually, the Tal Shiar will bombard Remus from orbit, killing some 120 million Remans.


What do you think? Do you have any constructive criticism or anything you think I should change/add/get rid of/explore?


Live long and prosper.

Domo Arigato Mr. Mugato

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Why are the Klingons and Nausicaans allied with the alliance? I would think both of them would either stay out of it entirely or join with the Cardassians, or more likely the Klingons would open a third front and get the alliance and Cardassian-led factions to wipe each other out, then come in and pick off the depleted survivors.

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