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Need Help Deciding On Incredibly Cheap ST Boxsets


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So i found a site called which seems to be selling the complete sereis of DS9, Voyager and even the green TNG boxset for under $100. The only problem I'm having is that it all seems too good to be true, as we all know how expensive CBS likes to keep the trek dvd's. I'm dying to buy DS9 but the cheapest I found it is still over 100 on ebay.


I've tried to search for reviews on the site but all I come up with are ad postings on forums and a UK online dvd store that I don't believe to be the same thing. I'd appreciate any feedback from people wanting to give their input. I'm willing to buy the ebay set but this is so much cheaper, I really want it to be real. Thanks.


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I've never heard of, but most things that seem too good to be true usually are.  Sign up for Netflix streaming instead and get all the trek series at your fingertips.


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I could do that but I really want them to own. I've actually been watching DS9 on a friends netflix account but I still want the actual DVD's. Darn CBS keeping Star Trek prices so high. ::shakes fist::


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I checked out the site, and it seems legit...

Although it might not hurt to shoot them an e-mail, asking about those DS9 DVD sets. I'd also ask about a return policy. You know, just in case.

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So I had a friend help me check out the site and he did a whois background check on it. Turns out, even though the site says it was in buisness since '05 records show it was created in '11. Combine that with its point of origin being in Beging.


I think I'm going to avoid it myself. If anyone wants to give it a try please reply back in this thread to let us all know how it turns out. Thanks for the input.

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The DVDs are likely bootlegs, copied from an original source disc. Sometimes they're fine and will last as long as a traditional DVD, sometimes they won't play at all.

The upshot is, as always, you get what you pay for.


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I would buy it anyway

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