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Who is better Spock or Data? Or Both?

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Created by: xXLadyDataXx


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the proposal of the two characters is very different part of the same point, but they follow two different paths. I think spock is the best character in star trek. but taking into account psychological aspects ... date is more interesting because of his constant search for growth and evolution, while Spock (and all Vulcans), as seen by Data has a way of life somewhat limited.


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Oh dear. I always HATE making this decision!! It is such a hard decision...two of my favorite characters and I just can't choose both.

Spock was definitely my first love, but I think I had to choose Data. I just had to. Data brought more humanity to the show than any other character. 

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>I may be the only one to think this but I thought that Data didn't evolve. I thought he was pretty much the same at the beginning of the series as he was when he perished. I think he would have sacrificed himself for Picard in the first episode not just the last.


I wouldn't say that. To my mind Data evolved dramatically. He wouldn't be able to command the Sutherland in the time of the first season. Not only that: all relationships, his dreams, even his speech - it is a good proof of his constant evolution and improvement. In that matter he was 'better' than Spock who has not developed that much.

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well, you think so, so good.

but I agree with Finka. maybe you want to see some change in personality of Data ... but his personality remains the same, really, his character remains the same, I believe that change would corrupt the essence of Data . the evolution is more on understanding the culture and human behavior (in numerous episodes you can see dialogues in which he seeks to understand the human soul, and he even mentions the progress that has developed), he deepened the friendships, the concepts developed the possibility of dreaming that he gets, with the highest point with the ability to feel emotions. maybe you're looking Data too superficially.


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i think spock beats data due to his constant struggle with himself. i mean he is always struggling with himself on the inside, trying to be logical in all situations and to hide every one of his emotions. this constant struggle causes him to be both logical and emotional, unlike data, who is a computer and can not truly handle emotion like spock. for example, spock could have anger inside himself, but he would hold it in with his extreme mental discipline, while if data would have the emotion of anger, it would not have the mental capactities to cope with it like spock could.


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they both are awsome


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Both. Spock is my favorite character from TOS. Data is my favorite from TNG. One of the best moments was when Spock and Data met!!!! And they even discussed their similarities and differences. I was gushing!!

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