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Who is better Spock or Data? Or Both?

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Created by: xXLadyDataXx


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I've noticed how people try to compare Data to Spock because he's unemotional and logical despite the fact that Spock is a Vulcan. I've even heard Star Trek fans argue about Spock being better than Data or the other way around. I would like your opinions and explain why.


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I find them totally different, it is not possible to compare them! It is becouse Spock has in fact emotions but is denying them; Data has no emotions but he is trying to be human, in contrary to Spock. I cannot understand this arguing, for me it is like comparing a fish and a bike

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Data is intriguing and Spock is fascinating.


Data, but not by much.



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I was surprised that everyone who voted voted for "both"!  I guess that makes it unanymous!

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I LOVE SPOCK. Vulcan's are my favorite humanoid species. Spock has to be Vulcan to even compare to Data. Intellectualy and physically, Data is far superior. Vulcan's posses that mysticism like the mind meld to communicate with all species. Data can't do that but Data can learn at an astronomical rate and may be able to communicate by processing data being exposed long enough. Bottom line... They each have their place in the Star Trek. I know you agree because it is 100% of both voted thus far. Without them Enterprise, A, D and E would not have survived throughout their voyage



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Spock is way better.  The relationship between Spock and Bones has a  better dynamic than Data and Laforge, Spock has better lines and a better sense of humor, and Nimoy is just a better actor than Spiner.


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Well, 'better' is, as always, relative, but, though I have a preference, if put to it, of Spock first, Data is a great character. Spock's evolving struggles with his human half, and his eternal friendship with Kirk, and McCoy, are part of what drew people like myself to TOS. Data was a touchstone for human beings, as he represented an affort to approximate a sentient human via positronic science. He may have not been physically human, but, he had what one could see as something beyond his basic programming, as a desire to BE human..which in so doing made Data human in his 'heart'. He had those he would classify as Friend, and gave himself up for one of them....a truly human act. Episodes like ''Measure of a Man'' represent the best of st, and highlight the character's imapct on the st fan universe.

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How can they both be better?


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Fascinating. I had a discussion with someone comparing Spock and Data just this morning.

I'm aware that I might get crucified for this, but Spock and Data are really a lot more alike than anyone realizes.

Spock is usually all collected and controlled on the outside, but deep inside, he secretly wants to admit how he really feels, but he just won't let himself, except on rare occasions, and then he generally tends to quickly rationalize it. (Not that Kirk and McCoy ever believe his excuses - especially McCoy.) The person I was talking with said he was "like a duck on water", because when a duck is swimming, it looks like it's just kinda chilling out, but under the water it's feet are kicking like crazy. 

Data wants and strives to be more human, but at the same time has trouble coming to grips with the extent of his success in that endeavor.

The main point is that they both struggle with logic vs. emotion, to a greater or lesser degree.

I think they're both awesome. I like Data pretty well, but I like Spock better. (I mean seriously, check out the man's butt.) Take note, I said I like Spock better, emphasis on like. However, I do not believe that one is actually "better" than the other.


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Data's cool and all, but he's no Spock!

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Spock had more depth. Data had his good moments, but he was generally predictable throughout the series.

Of course, Mr Spock, your reaction was quite logical - in a pig's eye - "Bones" McCoy

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I think they are just about even, but I voted for Data for a reason: I never felt compelled to laugh at anything Spock said. weel, maybe once, but it was more with Data.

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I always had problems with the Data character.  He wanted to be more humanlike - but why?  I felt the character was just a construct for more chest thumping - humanity is the best! 


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Spock and Data are both great characters but I choose Spock over Data because Spock was my first favorite sci/fi character when I was young!!! 


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I liked both Spock and Data. Both were my favourites on their respective series. However, Spock shared some of that spotlight with Bones and Chekove. Data, however, was the ONLY thing I liked about TNG.

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