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Overuse of Shuttles in ST09?

Matthias Russell

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>i can only think of 2 instances where they used shuttles. besides, before, they didn't really have the technology to do that kind of thing with the shutles in a movie.



Shuttlepod and Vulcan diplomatic shuttle in Star Trek the Motion Picture.

Shuttlepod in The Wrath Of Khan.

Shuttle in The Voyage Home.

Shuttles in The Final Frontier.

There have possibly been more.



The mention of TMP is an interesting one because Kirk beams to orbit, then rides the shuttlepod to the ship. The Vulcan who is killed beams to orbit as well. It seemed they favored shuttles for atmospheric or space travel but preferred transporters for surface to orbit transit.


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>Shuttlepod and Vulcan diplomatic shuttle in Star Trek the Motion Picture.

>Shuttlepod in The Wrath Of Khan.

>Shuttle in The Voyage Home.

>Shuttles in The Final Frontier.

>There have possibly been more.



Indeed.  There was a brief shot of shuttles in "The Undiscovered Country," albeit stock footage. Shuttles were used after the saucer crash in "Generations" and Insurrection as well.  I guess technically they were even used in "Nemesis."


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Some times the sheer amount of nix picking for good or bad astounds me.



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>If the drill was inhibiting communication signals, perhaps it inhibited transporter signals as well.

It does in fact. Pike explained it as he, Kirk and Spock were walking to the hanger.I don't think they were used too much. The only reason they were used so little in TOS was because Gene found it took too much resources to film the crew coming and going on a shuttle craft so much.

On a side not: the transporter bigs me in ST09. Has anyone noticed that the floor pads are now curved upward rather than a flat surface? It just rubs me the wrong way...

Yes! I thought that the rounded floor pads were just something I noticed. That's the one thing that annoys me about the movie (okay, there are more things). It's kind of trivial, but it just doesn't seem right. Seems like it would be a little harder to stand on.

Regarding the use of shuttles, I never really noticed them being used more than the transporter. I think for the students it made more sense to use the shuttles than using the transporter.

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