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One Trek Mind #16: You Know You're A Star Trek Fan If...


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From The News Board I Noticed Under The Lt. Brocolli Piece That We Don't Know How He Got To Serve On Board The Enterprise As It Was For The Elite Of Starfleet! Now Correct Me If I'm Wrong But Didn't Riker, Geordie, Etc Raise This Exact Point And Didn't Picard Say That He Came Highly Recommended By A Fellow Captain And One That Picard Respected, Or Words To Those Effect!


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I think Lt. Barclay was very intelligent and ingenious.  He was a great engineer, who worked well with the rest of the engineering staff, once they got used to his eccentricities.  I, personally, would be honored to work with him.  I'm sure there would be a lot I could learn from him.

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Barclay was a very good engineer.  He was the one who figured out why seemingly random systems were malfunctioning.  He also figured out how to conatct Voyager.  Einstein was socially awkward, too.


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There are no bad crew members, only leadership challenges.


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I Agree Barclay Deserved To Be On The Enterprise, However whoever wrote the topic in news board with little niggles! I Didnt Know Where Else To Respond So I Wrote This!

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I think that Barcley was a very goo engineer,too. Many brany people had problems with social constructs


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He probably earned confidence with the crew of the other ship when he started as ensign and the nervousness wore down when he got used to the crew.

when he was transfered, he crumbled, he probably had friends who knew him through and they were his figures of confidence.

You may also notice he, Geordi and Data hang out more than others do with the poor guy

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