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Who sticks out worst in 1986?


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^^ That's one on my favorite parts of the movie! I love Chekov. XD

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Yeah as a grown up I don't get why someone thought sending a Russian in the mid 80s to find nuclear wessels would be a good idea. Done for laughs yes but it was quite an oversight on Spock who usually knows everything. I guess Spock's mind was more occupied with how he felt, and what that meant, than researching 'cold war'.

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Spock is the obvious choice for the one who was most conspicuous, IMO. Apart from the covered ears and eyebrows, his robe was the closest thing you could get to a 23rd century Tae Kwon Do suit. Followed by Chekov. Poor guy, a Russian looking for Nuclear Wessels during the Cold War. He did well to escape unscathed.

Kirk blended in okay, I mean, at least he came up with a means of obtaining money. And he still got the girl, as always. Just as if he were right at home on the ship.

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Kirk Thatcher.


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I'd say Sulu fit in best cause he basically disappeared from the movie! Kirk fit in pretty good too. Spock  fit in the least what with his headband and robe. Also, his behavior must have seemed eccentric, swimming with whales, living in a park, not knowing how to cuss...


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Worst would be Spock. He just didn't get the idea of undercover. His "colorful metaphors" insistence on calling Kirk by rank, and jumping into the whale tank all were more conspicious than his robe.

Second would be Chekov. Really out of everything they could have sent him to do, they send the guy with the Russian's Russian accent to ask around for "nuclear wessels." Sure it was funny, but when that cop was giving him that suspecious look I was sure the handcuffs were about to come out.

Third would be Scotty. "Hello Computer!" is just a dead give away but he covers it well with his dramatic histerics. "A keyboard.... how quaint." He could have been written off as the weird science guy except he was around the technical nerds of the time.

The best would be Sulu. He just acted natural and didn't make any obvious blunders. He must be a smooth talker to have somehow barrowed that helicopter.

Number two would be McCoy. Aside from his giving the woman a liver growing pill, he really didn't do anything that was out of time. Even when he was complaining about barbarism, he likened it to the past Spanish Inquisition.

Number three would be Uhura. Mainly by virtue that she had the good sense to spend most of her time on the ship.

Kirk gets a mention being the main character. He's smooth enough that he can pass by, but is still just a little bit off. "Double dumb ass on you!" "Too much LDS!" Makes you raise an eyebrow but not quite enough to call him on. Mainly the worst thing he did to give himself away was keep Spock right at his side.

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Checkov, because of the Cold War.  Spock, because of the ears.

I would say Kirk fit in the best, if not for the uniform.


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Fit in worst... the obvious answer is Spock, but both Kirk (LDS) and Scotty (hello, computer) had their moments.

Fit in best, I want to say Sulu because he actually got something done without anyone asking questions... But because I know a bit of Trek trivia, I have to say Chekov and Uhura.  The scene on the street where they're asking for directions to Alameda Naval Station... the director put them out on the street and told to "act conspicuous".  The lady that answered "I don't know if I know the answer to that" was a passerby, not an actress.  They were deliberately TRYING to stick out, and it still took them several hours of filming to get enough material for that 90-second scene.  If for no other reason than that, they definitely fit-in.

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