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Star Trek theme park


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STTE in the Hilton was a blast I had the luck to visit it several times and at the 2006 Las Vegas Star trek Convention I bought the Admirals package unlimited access and a behind the scenes tour.

I was also there for the Fairwell Enterprise party Hor'durves and Cocktails on the Bridge of the Enterprise D

There was plans to re-open it in the Freemont section of Vegas but the person with the rights went bankrupt and did not get it open.


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I was there several times also and for the closeing cerimony. It was a really great place!


I think a new Experience would be profitable its a matter of CBS realizing that.

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Quote: Mitchz95 @ Mar. 27 2012, 1:41 pm

Quote: sijola @ Mar. 27 2012, 12:49 pm



>if a lot of people really want a theme park, it could be a very profitable Starship Enterprise.


Hopefully not the Abramsprise...

Ryan Curch's Enterprise isn't that bad, but if it was an Enterprise, it would have to be the NCC 1701-A.



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A ST theme park would definetly be great...near San Francisco would be even better since I live in the Bay Area. The ST Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton was fantastic, I got to go several times. Quarks Bar was always a fun place, and the 2 simulator rides were amazing. Really sad when they shut it down a few years ago. Look, if Dolly Parton can have her own theme park Star Trek most definately deserves one!!!

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