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Would you dedicate your political activity to creating a real future like STAR TREK?


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Ellis Wyatt: All of this bitter hostility to any of the multitudes who question the dogmatic and self-designated "consensus," to those who demand proof of a positive proposition, while having presented overwhelming negative evidence despite the latter's not being logically required - is unprecedented and utterly alien to the conduct of valid scientific research.

caltrek: "Overwhelming negative evidence"?

Mr. Ellis calls what he has presented to date, with all of its logical fallacies, distortions, and thoroughly debunked ideas "overwhelming evidence"?

Mr. Ellis seems so intent on resorting to whatever thesaurus he is using to look up colorful adjectives to weave into his nonsensical diatribes that he fails to consider the counter evidence presented.  Counter evidence that points out the error of the ways of the so-called experts he brings forth by way of citation. 

As Americans, we sometimes suffer from too much pluribus and not enough unum. - Arthur Schelsinger, Jr.


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Ellis Wyatt: What I've been arguing here is for that precondition: That unless we return to and maintain individual liberty - which means political liberty, which presupposes economic liberty - there can be no Star Trek-like spacefaring future for mankind. 

caltrek: A noble sentitment. One that should remind us of the biblical injunction that "you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free".

Unfortunately, some seem to feel that when it comes to the reality of global climate change and its well documented anthropogenic causes, we should listen to denialists and scam artists that will lead us away from the path of truth. While their intentions may be to promote freedom, in reality they reinforce the power of those who would enslave for the sake of a quick buck.


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