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I never really got into enterprise....


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I LOVED Enterprise. I love pretty much all other ST. Okay, haven't watched all TOS or DS9, but generally, Star Trek is one of my big loves series-wise.


However. The thing that's always gotten me about ST, is that it lacked a bit of emotion. Not OS, but the rest. It's a bit clinical. I am not. I am very emotional. So Enterprise was right up my alley. However.. first time around, I didn't get further than season 2, beginning. Boooored. Took me the second time around to see that yes, in fact.. I loved this series. It's more emotional, things are less sci-fi if you'd like to call it that. Closer to where we are now, which is why I love it. IF humanity survives, of course I believe it'll be developed and evolved. It's the next 150 years or so that matters. That's Enterprise.


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Quote: Captain Derk @ Feb. 19 2012, 12:45 pm


>I would love to get into it as a seires but i just don't understand the appeal? Enlighten me?


I'm not sure that's possible. As with all fiction, it's either going to be something you like or you don't. For myself, I find the stories and characters to be enjoyable. I doubt that's going to be enough to convince you -- but then, it doesn't have to be.

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Enterprise is fantastic, you should give it a try. Season 1 is a bit slow, but still one of the better first seasons. Season 2 gets really awesome, and Season 3 and 4 are considered by some fans to be some of the best seasons of star Trek.

Enterprise basically serves to be the real original series, as gives a beginning to the Star Trek story. TOS is amazing, don't get me wrong, but it really didn't do a very good job IMO in showing the origins of how we got from point A to point B. With TOS it just jumped right into everything. Enterprise does a better job at being the first series. And Enterprise is even designed in such a way to be entertaining to Trek veterans, but also works as a series you can start someone new to Trek on. Even Broken Bow, the pilot episode, introduces very well known things, as if they've never been mentioned before. It was treated as the first episode ever of Star Trek, and for that reason I love it. I think it was very well done. I do wish it had 7 seasons though. But the 4 we got were great.


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Oh, Enterprise! how do I love thee? let me count the ways.

This is the first warp 5 engine, so they can go further than any one has gone before. As explorers they basically hand out their calling cards. Two years later there is an attack on Earth. Mind blowing!

This crew is made up of elites--star fleet's best and brightest. And they often face the underworld of the galaxy. The contrast is fun--the naivete, the problem solving is so entertaining.

In season 3 they take off to find the species who attacked, find out why, and stop them from coming back to finish the job.  Ent heads to unchartered space knowing nothing--who did this, what they look like or where their home planet is located. It's amazing how they unveil it all. Two of these aliens are great--no human w spots or a large brow ridge, but aquatics and insectoids.

Then season 4 sets you up for TOS--the federation of planets, klingons w smooth foreheads, Spock's parentage, and in Mirror Darkly--Thelonians, Gorns, it's great!

Then the little things . . . They only watch movies from the 1930s to 1950s. I love that upon discovering Frankenstein is based on a novel T'Pol suggests a dramatic reading of Mary Shelley's work instead. Trip's like, "Really?"

How many sexy weapon's specialists from alien ships can tell Malcolm that his armory is cute. Earth technology is behind many worlds'.

The characters are great--consistent, believable, depen w time. I love that Hoshi is so fearful, but continually turns out to be really tough. she just doesn't trust herself. For this I love the twist at the end of Mirror Darkly.

Finally but not lastly, Trip and T'Pol--human and vulcan love affair between opposites. She's 65, he's 30 something. She's outranks him and often serves as his superior officer. She's logical, not naive, and the voice of reason. He's emotional, impulsive. How do they become intimate? They end up spending an hour together, nightly, while she provides an acupucture therapy. They have children together but in no way that our world would allow--alternate universes and cloning. But the emotion is no different from what we would know. He's the uncomplicated guy who falls for the smart woman who he can talk warp engines with and solve mathematical problems. Add the sex and he's head over heels. It's something to which we can all relate, but 150 years in the future involving a Vulcan and quantum mechanics the likes we've never seen.

P.S. Enterprise gets bombed to shreds in S3. You're watching going, "no way." Then they fly around like that for weeks w decks sealed off, a breached hull many times over. It' wicked.


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I grew up watching TNG in it's first-run, and then I tuned out DS9 and didn't much care for Voyager either.  I didn't discover ENT until I stumbled on the re-runs on Sci-Fi, which was awesome....four episodes every monday night.  I love the show.  It inspired me to watch Voyager in reruns too, and I got into it, but not like ENT.  TNG has a special place in my childhood, but as an adult ENT is the best to me.


  It's the perfect mixture of drama, sci-fi action, and even romance and comedy.  Again, just my opinion, but of all the shows it's the "prettiest," while also being the deepest.  What I mean by that is that things aren't perfect on Earth, or on the Enterprise itself.  TNG was too perfect in retrospect, Voyager was too "artsy."  I really can't judge DS9 because I haven't seen that much of it.


I think the best seasons of ENT are 1 and 2.  Especially in 1 they're just out flying around and making the best out of what they encounter.  I like how Archer is disappointed at how hostile alot of the aliens are, and how screwed up some of the planets are they come across.  It's also fun watching Trip deal with keeping the engine running, and the antagonistic relationship between Archer and T'Pol is entertaining.  The ENT crew are easier to identify with I think than other crews, since they all have real-world problems.  Hoshi being scared and nervous, Reed being sort of socially awkward, it all works.  Trip also plays his part marvelously, for those of us who live in the South, it's good to see a redneck in space.  He also gets pregnant in the 1st season, which is one of the funniest episodes.


It's also a refreshing change to see that the Enterprise isn't invinceable.  They can't outrun everyone,  have no shielding technology, and for the first few episodes don't even have phase cannons, which is the precursor to TOS's phasers.  (You have to ignore the fact the beams look exactly like TNG's phasers.)  They don't even get photon torpedos until the Xindi arc, and in the first two seasons their spatial torpedos proove to be useless more often then effective, which forces them to rely on the Vulcans and Andorians a few times for help, and to always be creative in order to survive.


All in all a wonderful show, and worth watching, especially since it's free on this very site.


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^ When you put it like that, seasons 1-2 do sound great!

But the phase cannons are red; TNG phasers are orange. And the sound is different too.

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Quote: Shannon Caspar @ Mar. 01 2012, 12:56 am


>I found Star Trek Enterprise to be excellent, I enjoyed all season, The only disappointmnt was the last episode of the series, it left the veiwer wanting....wanting to see the creation to the Federation of Planets.  They shouldn't have finished it eh way they did, The Next Generation characters had no right being there. I was very disapointed with the ending

Don't remind me. I still haven't gotten over it. Although, ending it right before the founding of the Federation made sure they wouldn't ruin that, at least. Imagine Riker replacing Archer for that part...

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Yeah, for someone just discovering the series I would suggest stop watching after "Demons," and ignore "These are the Voyages..."  Then, if you're into reading, the books "Koybiashi(sp?) Maru" and "The Good That Men Do" are excellent reads to close the series out. 

Continuing the discussion about the seasons, 1 and 2 also have the best stand-alone episodes. 


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I love TOS and TNG, but Enterprise has a very special place in my heart. In my opinion, Enterprise is some of the best Star Trek, in my opinion. The characters are great; they get better as the series goes on. In fact, I like all the characters so much that I can't choose a favorite. The cast does a superb job.

Season 1 is a little slow, but it's got some really good stand alone episodes. And the end of Season 2 is just awesome. Seasons 3 and 4 are the best seasons of all of Star Trek, in my opinion. I also like that Enterprise focused on Andorians and Tellarites, two species that aren't really featured anywhere else but in one TOS episode. Shran is one of the best characters ever, in my opinion.

I'd say give it a shot. It really is a good series and doesn't get the respect it deserves.

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Being a stng fan i found ent alittle beige and grey boring, ,ship, uniforms, ,and cast. I was pleasantly suprised that the show got better every episode. Liked that the vulcans were hiding in that monastery, and they were not perfect like spock, tuvok, tpol. Could have arced into a romulan theme, but i am not sure how that would fit in enterprise story line. Theme song new and ok instead of dramatic scifi music. Really need to rewatch every episode with new eyes. :-)

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