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Anyone playing the new Star Trek Heroclix games?


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Report this Feb. 18 2012, 5:24 pm

I just started playing the two new Star Trek games from Heroclix - Fleet Captains and Tactics. Here are pics of my fleets:

I'm actually very excited about these new games. The starships are beautifully detailed and the Tactics ones are even wonderfully painted. The Fleet Captains game is fantastic for exploring the universe and having the occasional battle and the Tactics game is fantastic if you just want combat. I even picked up some Micromachines starships to mod for the Tactics game. I'm a big Klingon fan and am trying to build a bigger Bird-of-Prey fleet.




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Report this Mar. 07 2012, 7:35 pm

I've been thinking about picking up some of the Trek Heroclix stuff.  I've got Expeditions, which uses Heroclix figures, and I really like it.  I've never played a traditional Heroclix game, but I think the new Star Trek version could get me hooked.


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Report this Mar. 23 2012, 1:54 pm

I agree, the Heroclix Tactics really look great, but I think that the Fleet Captains game really shines as far as the different ways to play.  Really make it an enjoyable, albeit, in depth game, but fun  nonetheless.



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Report this Apr. 12 2012, 10:32 am

I am playing Star Trek heroclix  Tactics.  I have ordered the starter kit and ordered 15 off the internet, ebay and Popular collections.  I have played a couple games and am hooked.  Unfortunately there is no local stores here that carry it other than Hastings with the Starter kit.  I have a local comic book store that has Heroclix tournaments once in a while and I am trying to get other people interested so the store will start to carry and host games.  Anyone else in the Ft. Campbell, KY area that is interested contact me at  I have taught my son, middle daughter(kinda tomboy) and one of my friends and all three seem to enjoy it.  I used to play Mechwarrior Dark age and Age of Destruction and still collect stuff when I can find it.  When I learned about this one I had to check it out, now I am hooked.  I am curious why they didn't go with generic ship classes and then actual named ones with captain and crew abilities.  For my games I am going to allow multiples of any ship unless it is listed as a LE or unique(like the enterprize-A or Bortas with the silver circle on the base).

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