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Is this game worth getting invested in?

Matthias Russell

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Yup. Granted it still needs some fixes but it keeps getting better. And the several different types of game play keep it interesting, not to mention the sense of continuance for trek fans.

Granted I think the developers could be making much better choices and setting better priorities but I'm satisfied with the MMO experience.


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I like the Odyssey. And yes, the game is worth getting into. As stated above you can have your own little crew and go on a different Star Trek adventure everyday. With the foundry, you can even create your own.  @DonSuave in game.



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I have't played it yet but I really what to know what it's like


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Quote: TrekKid101 @ Mar. 18 2012, 2:47 pm


>I have't played it yet but I really what to know what it's like


In what regard?

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Personally I like the game. I bought the Collector's Edition when I saw it on sale a good while back. I signed up and played for a while but due to work, wife, and everyday life I just didn't get on enough to warrant the monthly fee...

That being said, now that it is free-to-play, I have updated and I'm starting to play again. I think it is just a different kind of MMO and definitely worth checking out.

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