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Did you like Chris Pine as Captain Kirk?


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Quote: Ghostmojo @ Feb. 22 2012, 12:48 am


>This is a hackneyed stereotype and it is almost as old as Hollywood itself. I'm amazed that so few people can see that. There are a few on here that have said the same thing as me. The PineKirk is not a developed character - it is a cardboard cut-out caracature (and not a very good one at that).

>This has been done a million times before. The kid with an axe to grind against everybody. The poor little tearaway James Dean type looking for a fight to prove himself - getting into trouble with the law etc.

>You are not looking at James Kirk on the screen - you are looking at every teenage punk that has ever appeared in any coming of age story in the last 50 years since Rebel Without A Cause.

>The Pine portrayal was a betrayal. It was not Kirk at all. It was somebody with the same name - but not the same persona.



Thank you, Ghostmojo.

That's exactly what I thought. I was quiet disappointed when I saw his performance. To me this wasn't "James Tiberius Kirk".

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SO MUCH BETTER! That's the only thing I liked about that movie.

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