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Kirk is awesome!

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Created by: thepurpleone

Susan Shalabi Molano

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no one can do him justice, unless it was William Shatner



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kirk is awesome

completely agree

which is the answer to the question


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I prefer a Janeway or a Picard, tio be sure, but for the type of cowboy diplomacy required in Kirk's era, James Tiberius got it done.

"Fear exists for one purpose: To be conquered" -- Kathryn Janeway


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Kirk was the best captain because he's the one we can relate to the most. He's adventurous and a strong fighter; he's respectful and cares about the wellbeing of his crew and other life forms. He feels anger towards the Klingons, mostly because they killed his son, but that is a completely human response. He knows how to tell a good joke, he's witty, and he lets his heart get in the way sometimes. He's the kind of guy you could go out with for a few drinks and laughs, and he would end up driving because he didn't want you to get behind the wheel. He's human, but also has a heroic quality to him. 

~*~ Daania


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As a law student about to begin the most demanding year of school, I have started watching TOS at the perfect time in my life. Kirk inspires me to become a better, stronger, more fearless person. He is a continual reminder not to give up and to never lose sight of the mission. He's also a fantastic leader and manager - he can balance the need for discipline and order with compassion and friendship.

For a long time, I felt adrift, and like I needed a hero or mentor to aspire to. For me, Captain Kirk is that person, and I know am and will be a better individual because of him. So yes, forgive the bias, but Kirk is awesome!


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Of course he is! A hero renowned throughout the Federation & beyond

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Never was a Kirk fan he was just another tough guy ideal of a less than enlightened time period.


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But he rocked that time period like a BOSS!


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Kirk- that's Klingon for PIMP!

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Kirk was most definitely an awesome captain.  I am just beginning to get in to the original series, I started out on TNG, and I love the original series.  I think Kirk and Spock make a really good pair.

Irina Galliulin

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(((Kirk is the best captain.))) He was professional about his work , but also personal. I think he saw the crew of the Enterprise like his family, always puting himself before them(=_=), and they would always help him when he needed them most. (^_^) He makes a great leader and he's always so caring and so brave.(^_-)


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This typical "Kirk Moment" says it all ...


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Quote: Trek 2.0 @ Jun. 06 2012, 9:03 am


>Shatner not Pine


yeah i agree Shatner was the best then they brought that idiot to replace someone great like Shatner as Capt. James T. Kirk.


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I still prefer Captain Chris Pike and would have loved to see what he would have done with the role had it continued with him

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