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Deep Space Nine Spin off Animated Series

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Created by: JASantiago88


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1. For my childhood

After the Bajorian joined the Federation, Kira reflects her time in the Occupation Camps, as a Terrorist, as Bajorain officer and as a Starfleet Captian. Part 1 takes place as a child in the camps and upon her entry as freedom fighter. 

2. My reasons

Her time as a freedom fighter. She is task to assassinate a traiter in the cell. So she has to find out who the traitor is and while she is questioning the struggle for her people. This act will show how she became the person she is today.

3. My Role.

As the Cardassians withdrew from Bajor. Kira carries her first assignment as part of the Bajorian Militia. There she meets Ro Laren for the first time. As the two bond, a influancial vedek is assassinated. So her And Ro finds out htat the killer is working for Starfleet.

4. The Red Eyes.

The Dominion sends out a distress call from the Gamma Quadrant that the Borg invaded their Space and is trying to reach to the wormhole. Starfleet sends out a unit headed by Janeway and Picard to intercept the Borg in the Alpha Quadrant. So they enlist, Enterprise, Titan, Voyager, Defiant and the Promethous Class Ship Kerberos to intercept the Borg. At the Founders home world. Kira reunites with Odo and sees that he made progress in the Dominion. Will their romance continue? Meanwhile at the Gamma Quadrant, the Tal Shiar is conspire with an unknown force to further weaken the Dominion.


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I wonder would there be a catchy opening for the animated series.


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The only reason I would be against a DS9 animated series is that I would be afraid that they would screw it up.


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it depends on how they do it. I mean if don't make it like Bleach and One piece and more realistic like Jin-Roh, Jormungand and Ghost in the Shell.


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I would go with the creator of TMNT.

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Starfleet in a half shell..Federation power


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Quote: juliansgirl7 @ Feb. 16 2012, 6:32 am


>Would all the voices be the same actors as the original DS9? (especially JULIAN?)


That would be so cool if they did

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