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would Data be killed by a magnet?

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all he is is a walking,talking,computer, why wouldn't he be?

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If by killed you mean his memory and therefore his personalilty wiped out, then it comes down to the type of memory storage.  If it is not magnetic like current computers than he may not be afected by it.


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Don't ask me to explain why not because I don't don't build 24th century androids.   


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No. He has a flotation device and an emotion chip installed. Surely, he has some sort of antimagnetic security system in place to keep him shielded.

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haha I forgot about the Flotation device hahaha

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Data's positronic circuits were probably protected against accidental demagnetization.  Extremely powerful electromagnetic energy, however, occasionally disabled him.  But, overall, small magnets would probably not have been much of a threat to him.

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That's impossible!! The only way Data would be killed is if he is malfunctioning or a cascade failure in his neural nets.

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I would add a telleron beam device explosion to the list of things that can kill Data

as of magnets...

he isn't made of iron or iron group materials (tripolymer composite, cortenium and duranium alloys I think are his ingredients), so he has little chance of being magnetic.

he does seem to use quantum computing of sorts (as positrons are the evil cousins of electrons, and you can find lots of them in the photon torpedoes) but that is speculation.


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