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who's your favorite character


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Bashir solo wasn't my favorite, and Garek solo wasn't my favorite, but I loved the two of them together.

I suppose that I'll go with Sisko, though I reserve the right to change my mind at any time and for any reason.  Brooks, the producers, and the writers turned what could have been just another "Reluctant Hero" archetype into a character of comples motivations, subtle shadings of personality, and additionally made him consistently sympathetic through every change that he went through.


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I dug ALL of the characters on DS9.

But if I had to pick favorites? I'd go with Sisko, Bashir, and Martok.

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Bashir, O'Brien, Quark, Dax, Kira

Dax and Kira where some sexy ladies. In the last season Kira was amazing all the time happy with that new hair cut


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Miles O'Brien


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There's a kind of freedom in being totally screwed, you know things can't get any worse.

the bungalo bill

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^^Just watched that chain this week.


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Quote: Beershark @ Mar. 05 2012, 1:22 am


>Mr. Garek, the plain and simple tailor.


Yes, Garek was good, too.  I love his discussion with Quark about root beer and the Federation.

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oh where to start...

1. tie jadzia Dax-weyoun (because of cores dax is awesome and weyon is  funny like when he said "well this is not going how I planed." )

2. tie Sisko-Quark (sisko pure amazing quark i mean come on)

3. rom (He is sooo funny )

4. tie worf-miles (worf was a fav on tng and was just as cool on ds9 miles is just a good engineer)

5. tie martog-dukat (martog is a outstanding klingon  and dukat is evil but loveable ie:the whole zial thing you just couldent feel any thing but sad for him)



but all the characters were wonderful thats one of the things that made ds9 soooo good.

Anime Odo

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>Odo, the greatist charictor EVER!!!!! and dont you forget it he makes me so happy every time i see him i

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I personally like Brunt.


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Definetly Weyoun. Without question. I admit I love Quark and Elim Garak, but Weyoun is sexy and deceptive and Jeffrey Combs has the most AMAZING voice in the galaxy!


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Captain Sisko especially in for the uniform when he orders worf to launch biogenic weapons at Solosos III none of the other captains would have dared done that thats why hes my favorite beacuse hes able to make big decisions

worf is cool to so is jadzia

randy kerr

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all of them.

i love all star trek shows and movies.


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Garak. He has so many of the best lines from the series.

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