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Most Hated TNG Characters


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Two words Alynna Nechayev the admiral that hates Picard


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Q was pretty annoying.  I liked the main cast a lot better than some of the extras that appreared  from time to time (Lwaxana  and Polaski for example).


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troi really did walk around that ship like she was cock of the walk!   No uniform and a seat on the bridge.  Makes me sick.  But it has to be Wesley.  Gets fast tracked onto the bridge of the flagship just because the captain has a thing for his mother.  Man that just goes to prove the saying........."it's not what you know, it's who you blow".  

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From The Next Generation: Reg Barclay.


Wesley I always felt was mishandled by the writers. Could have been a great character and addition to the Trekverse. As for Barclay, he never really added anything to the stories no matter how well his part was written.


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All Klingons. They totally wasted the opportunity for making Klingons awesome. Instead they ended up being wimpy caricatures who were all talk, no substance. Sample Klingon scene:

HUMAN: Oh no. A mighty Klingon warrior who fights for honor. Look out.

KLINGON: Yes, I am a mighty Klingon warrior who fights for honor. You are cowards so there is no honor in defeating you. I will spare you.

HUMAN: Thank you, mighty Klingon warrior who fights for honor. By the way, sorry about that little old lady in the elevator that kicked your ass.

KLINGON: Curse that she-devil. She fought with honor so there is no dishonor in being dishonored by one such as her.

HUMAN: What about those kids in 10 Forward who gave you that wedgie?

KLINGON: This mighty Klingon warrior chose not to honor them by defeating them, though I could have if I wanted to.

HUMAN: ...and the Care Bear that took your lunch money and made you his b*tch?

KLINGON: Honor. Blah blah honor blah honor blah blah.


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Riker was my least favorite. Everyone else was great imo. Riker had no personality except sex and fighting...blah..


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I really didnt like Deanna Troi at frist. She was probably my least favorite character on the show. Talk about being an ice princess! Her mother was outragously great, but Deanna really annoyed me. She would tell teh captain what he was feeling when it was unnecessary and pretend that she knew eerything about everyone. so it seemed at least... 


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My least favourite characters were Riker and Wesley. Just annoying. But I don#t hate them, because they had their part in the story and without them it would be boring


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I STRONGLY disliked Kivas Fajo, the Zibalian trader who kidnapped Data.

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I don't understand all the Pulaski hate... I though it was really refreshing that her personality went against the grain.

Picking a least favorite character is sort of like picking a least favorite child... but if I had to I'd pick Geordi. Most of the time I just felt sorry for him, other times I was cringing at his awkwardness. The only times he seemed to be comfortable in his skin were when he was interacting with Data or the computer.


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Pulaski then Crusher


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The Traveller was the absolute worst. He just reeked of 80's

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I don’t know why everyone dislikes Wesley so much. To me he is one of the coolest characters. My least favorite is probably Riker. He didn’t do anything memorable, and was drowned out by all the awesomeness given off by Data.


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Polaski! hands down.


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Tasha Yar/Sela, most definitely!


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