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Most Hated TNG Characters

Rogers Amanda

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Quote: Gone4aDuck @ Mar. 16 2013, 11:29 am


>troi really did walk around that ship like she was cock of the walk!   No uniform and a seat on the bridge.  Makes me sick. 


Hey! The daughter of the daughter of the Fifth house AND holder of the sacred chalice Riix, AND Heir of the holy rings of Betazed can do as she pleases! Can't say I really hate any TNG characters probably one of the reasons why it's my favorite show of all time. Polaski I liked the least, I barely remember she existed sometimes didn't stand out at all.

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Years ago I would have said Wesley in a second but after re-watching S3 & 4 recently I somehow find him much less annoying. Maybe that's just me getting old. Hmmm.


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Quote: Capt.Pike @ Mar. 15 2013, 4:47 pm


>Two words Alynna Nechayev the admiral that hates Picard


Oooo good one, I hate her! At least Commander Shelby turned out good in the end. Maybe Riker's old captain from the Pegasus should get a vote too.

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I disliked Geordi on occasion, especially in 'Relics'...Pulaski was bland, Yar was not good at all (she got killed by a BP oil spill for pete's sake!)...I did not like the Duras sisters\any TNG Ferengi or the Pakleds...Nechayev was a Picard hater but she was ok as a foil and I couldnt take both Crushers seriously at times...

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Docter Pulaski, all the way.

Kirk vs Picard. Picard wins. why? He actually focuses on his job and cares about his crew. Would you want to be on Kirks ship when he decides to go thru every wormhole he comes across?


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I really didnt like Wesley at first, although once he left the series as a main character, I enjoyed the few more episodes with him. 

I though Deanna was such a know-it-all. I mean, seriously, she tells the captain what he's thinking. Cant he figure that out himself?

Dr. Pulaski was among the most annoying character I have ever seen on a show. WEll, almost. 

I really liked all the other characters though. 


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Q....I want to punch him in the face.

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I don't get the Q hate. I was actually thrilled whenever he showed up in an episode and I always watched hoping he would appear!


Wesley (especially the early Wesley) made me want to punch the tv. And I don't know what they were trying to achieve by making Pulaski's character so stubborn, rude and annoying, but I think they only ended up creating a stubborn, rude and annoying character.


Also, LaForge comes off as creepy sometimes and he's too soft for a starfleet officer. I mean, even Wesley has more nerve than him.


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Any answer other than Wesley is insanity. I have a fully signed scrpt of 'Justice', ofcourse I love it but every time I look I am slightly disheartened because it is a Wesley heavy episode. 

Q is awesome, he brought the humour Picard often lacked and it was funny to see them bounce off each other. 

Lore was abit annoying, it was nice to know about Data but I don't think he was very good. 

Lwaxana yes she was annoying but it was nice to see the relationships she formed with the crew and definitely spiced things up.

Come on, everyone knows a Reg Barcley and yeah it's creepy but when he was good he was very good 'The Nth Degree" 

Wesley was awkward and annoying.  I'm a teacher, we have those in real life they try to run the place and think they know it all. Bring on drinks with Lwaxana any time.

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i love them all!!!!!!! Diana,picard, gordi, data, troy, riker, rikers beard,Worf, and yes even wesly~sortof.


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I've never had a problem with Wesley - probably because I kind of understand him.  He's just a few years younger than me but was what I would have loved to be - living on a starship and smart enough to be allowed to work with the officers and making a difference.


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Can't stand him... no offense if you like him but he's a hopeless @**kisser who's in love with Picard.

I don't understand the universal aversion to Wesley. I mean, yes he's annoying and wierd and wears wierd clothes, but he's not THAT bad....

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OOOOOOH I forgot, I hate Vash too. I got a good laugh though cause "vache" means "cow" in french. I just call her The Cow. I mean seriously, she left Captain Picard for Q of all people. Just please.

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lore did some bad things, glad for humanity that when enterprise d crashed on veridian 3, the compartment his brain was in self destructed.

at least Q didnt cause any permanant damage

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I have to admit I think about this question a lot.  I don't hate any of the main characters, but they've dealt with plenty of despicable characters over the course of the series.  Here's my Top 10 list.

1. Devinoni Ral - This jerk somehow seduced Troi despite being totally insulting to her the whole time, even calling her a slut when they were being intimate.  Number 1 on my list because I hated him the most.

2. Ambassador Alkar - Also seduced Troi, and tried to use her as a human sacrifice just so he could play the role of hero - and turned her into a megabitch in the process.

3. Ronin - the ghost who seduced Beverly.  While the episode is totally comical, I can't get through it one time without saying to myself, "I hate this guy!"  Especially when he speaks of how he loved the generations of the Howard family women very much.

4. Judge Nora Satee - Every time I hear her say "My father was a great man!" one word comes to mind: "Bitch!"

5. Joe Piscopo the Holodeck Comedian - He's not number 1 on the list only because he's not "real."  I can't get through his Jerry Lewis routine without fast-forwarding.  Whenever I see and hear him do this, I envision myself kicking him in the shin, poking him in the eyes, beating him to a pulp, and ripping out his esophagus, Worf-style.

6. Professor Berlinghoff Rasmussen - the time traveller who tried to erase the TNG timeline.  His obnoxious Jim Carrey mannerisms made me want to beat him down.

7. Jev - the Ullian who raped Troi, Riker, and Dr. Crusher's minds (before Worf palm-striked him in the face for the K.O.)  The fact that a guy like him is so far down on the list really says something.

8. The Risan chick with "The Game" - who had the most obnoxious laugh.  I have no idea how Riker restrained himself from throwing her out the window to go fetch his communicator badge.

9. Martin - the judge from Masterpiece Society.  What the hell was this idiot's problem?

10. Anya - the Dauphin's Protector.  It cracks me up when Worf tries to bitchslap her.  How could you blame him?

I could easily add another 10 to the list, but then I'd think of 10 more after that.  They really did encounter a bunch of lowlifes out there exploring the galaxy.  But before I end I'll wind down by giving honorable mention to Kivas Fajo - the childish trader who collected Data, only to have it all come crashing down on him.  After I saw this episode, which was my first for TNG, I stopped collecting collections, period. 

Also I must note that when either Troi or her mom start crying, it is beyond irritating.  Total ham.  And one more thing, I fantasize about tripping the Dancing Doctor when she tap dances.  It's not hatred, none of it is really, just irritation approaching the level of critical mass.

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