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What starsip would you most like to captain?


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General Changs Bird of Prey!


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an pre-refit constitution class starship.

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Excelsior Class. It's always been my favorite class.

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Enterprise NCC-1701 (But only temporarily. Kirk is The Man.)


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23rd Century Constitution Refit

24th Century Intrepid Class

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Quote: OneDamnMinuteAdmiral @ Feb. 12 2012, 3:44 pm


>23rd Century Constitution Refit

>24th Century Intrepid Class


Totally agree those are also two of my favorite class ships.

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I'd go with an Intrepid class.  I think they are just the right size.  The Intrepids are big enought to have creature comforts like holodecks, but aren't the flying cities like the Galaxy ships.  The Defiant class is one of my favorite starship designs, but I think it might get a little cramped on long missions.


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This may sound weird but I wouldn't want to captain a starship (or serve on one for that matter.) I would like to work on a space station like DS9 but command dep't is of zero interest.

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Krenim Timeship for immortality and Time Control. With a holodeck inside I'm all set 

More serious...hmmm, so many awesome Trek ships, I can't decide I need a fleet

Federation - Connie both ways, Galaxy Class, Excelsior, Miranda, and of course Intrepid Class with the pimp nacelle action

Klingon - D-7 Battlecruiser, BOP

Romulan - D'Deridex Class Warbird

Vulcan ship and Andorian ship from Enterprise

I'd like to have my own Borg Cube too!

Hell, while I'm going all out I want my own Starbase, (the cool one from Star Trek III) I'll need it to park all my ships.


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My favorite class of starship from the series would be the Intrepid-class, with its movable nacelles, although I think the coolest-looking design is the Oberth-class!

From the post-TNG books, I would like to serve on a Vesta-class ship, like the USS Aventine, which Captain Ezri Dax commands.

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A space cruise ship.

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I was and still am a lover of the Excelsior class ships, but nothing comes close to being a majestic as the Sovereign class Enterprise-E. I would love to captain that ship for at least a day

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VOYAGER!!! it's awesome, has good shielding and weapons, and alsois relatively small and easy to manage. I would only want to be incommand as a temporary basis though. JANEWAY IS THE BOSS!!!!!!!


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The E or the J from the enterprise series

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