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Can't post on STO forums.


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Whenever I try to make a new thread on the Star Trek online official forums I recieve a message saying I'm not allowed to create threads.  I'm not sure why I can't, and I need a question about my game answered.  Whenever I play in windowed mode, the game is offset to the left making me have to move my cursor to the right of things to be able to select them, and leaving a black area on the right side between the side of the window and the side of the in game screen.  Can anyone help me with either of these?


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Well for the first question, it is not unheard of, to me anyway, that you have to post in other topics a bit more before you are allowed to start a new thread so maybe they do that. 

As for your game problem sorry I don't have an answer for that one since windowed mode aut adjusts for me just fine, you might check the setting of that though see if something needs to be turned on or something.

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I haven't started playing STO, but I thought I read somewhere that those players that are "silver' level are only allowed to post in certain areas of the boards.


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Here's the F2P Features Matrix:

And there's a free player forum too:

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