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Star Trek


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 Jean Luc Picard

 James T Kirk

 Jonathan Archer

 Kathryn Janeway

 Benjamin Sisko


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Most of ST fans like and respect Kirk mostly. I agree, because he is really a wonderful captain, but I think Picard is the calmest captain. He thought well before making decisions, he was so strictly proffesional and so devoted to duties. He gave himself for starfleed and for the chair of the flagship...

He enjoyed great respect of the crew. For example, remember First Contact when he wanted to keep fighting the battle with Borg, which was hopeless... Everyone knew that, but they respected captain`s decision even if that leads them to death... Of course, Worf had to speak up, and later on Lilly hit him where it hurts the most - his experience with the Borg. Mentioning Moby Dick made him finally realize that what he was doing, is wrong.

Than, there was a example of HONOR - after everyone evacuated the ship, he stayed and went back for Data.

OK I must stop now, this is going too deep and we are not commenting First Contact =)


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Who is the calmest Captain?


I'm not sure why this is even relevant. It would be like me asking "Who is the fastest communications officer?".

I mean, I guess Picard is calm. I suppose that's what you were looking for right? But, I don't think "calm" is a primary competency for starship command. Does it help? Sure...I guess you don't want a tweakout as a captain...but there's so much more to it.


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I believe Capatain Picard has it all.
He is respected and very calm in a lot of situations.
His crew adore him and would not hesitate to do anything he asked.

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I think the calmest would be Captain Sisko.  But, Captain Picard would probably be more widely respected, because of his contacts and seniority.

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Def Picard


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Hmmm... Kirk is probably the most well known, but I really woudn't say the most respected. Picard is probably the most well known and respected. But I'm sure Janeway came pretty close after she came home from the Delta Quadrant.

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Based on the thread's question it would have to be Picard, hands down.


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What's the point of this thread? You ask a question that you know the answer off. Yes, Picard was the calmest, obviously.

Who was the blackest captain? Sisko, yeeeh

Who was the most motherly captain? Janeway, yeeeh

Who was the most inexperienced captain? Archer, yeeeh

Who was the most womanizer captain? Kirk, yeeeh

I can start 4 threads here and get the answer i want. As for the most respected, they all were respected. Can you honestly say that Picard was more respected than Sisko? Sisko won the war on the Dominion. Janeway brought her crew home from 70.000 lightyears. Archer was the first captain in deep space, won the war against the Xindi. Kirk saved earth numerous times. Asking which one is more respected is like asking which of your kids you love more.

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