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Captain Kirk and Commander Riker


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It's debatable if Kirk and Riker would have gotten along on a personal level. Sure they have a lot in common, similar leadership styles and the such, but how long is it before they both go after the same female alien of the week?

Regardless of how they personally got along, I think they would have been a disaster working together profressionally.

Both of them are aggressive, sometimes reckless leaders who often fly by the seat of their pants. Kirk had Spock to restrain him when he got too far ahead of himself. That's what made Kirk and Spock such a great team. Their differences complimented each other and enhanced each other.

Likewise with Picard and Riker. Picard would almost always try and talk his way out of a fight or avoid conflict at all costs seeking the diplomatic solution and sometimes Riker would have to insist they fire phasers.

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Absolutely not!  They would be too busy having pissing contests to get anything done.  Who I would pity if they were working together would be the women on board the ship.



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I agree with dangerman13 and donnawheeler.  Kirk and Riker were too much alike, and they would have either come into serious conflict, or neither would have been able to solve the problem, without the help of calmer minds and personalities buffering them.

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I think that Riker is focused on his job more than Kirk. Everyother second Kirk is with some girl. At least Riker passes up women for arrogance and duty. They wouldn;t get along at long, and their need for attention would destory any work ethic left.


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I don't think they'd get along because Riker would keep trying to protect Kirk and Kirk would hate him for it. Also, Kirk would have competition.

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