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Captain Kirk and Commander Riker


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Kirk never had anyone say he couldn't go on away missions. How do you think it would go down if Riker was Kirk's first officer?


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LOL Nah, they would have been great pals. First of all, bros before hoes. Second, it ain't no fun if my homey can't get some.

I'm sure McCoy would have his hands full trying to keep both of them STD free.


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Kirk and Riker definitely would have gotten along. Both cut from the same cloth...both an "everyman" with great intelligence and leadership skills...both a passion for adventure and action.




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There  would have been problems with Riker as Kirk's first officer.  Riker would have objected to Kirk leading away teams, and Kirk would have continued to drag his most valuable officers offship as he lead away teams anyway.


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Although they would have been friends, I think Riker and Kirk would ultimately not work out in terms of leadership effectiveness.  IMHO they're too similar and would have issues compromising and compensating for each other.  No doubts that they were would be great camaraderie at first.  But, I think it would be superficial and we wouldn't see the same depth of relationship b/n Kirk & Spock or Kirk & McCoy.


That aside, I think an astute, alluring female villain could end up being the downfall of the Enterprise with Kirk/Riker in charge.


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I seem to recall once reading someone's post referring to Riker as "Re-Kirk". And it's true. They meant because of all the girls, but I've noticed he's a lot like Kirk in other ways too. I think the person kind of meant it as a slam on Riker, but it ends up being actually sort of a compliment. Riker really is a "Re-Kirk". I think Kirk and Riker would be friends, but definitely not in the way that Kirk and Spock are friends.


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I don't think so.  One starship can only handle so much machismo before all hell breaks loose. It might work temporarily if Riker was not the first officer and it could even be okay long term if we threw in Counselor Troi and kept Spock around, you know, to keep them both in check.



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Almost (but not quite) two peas in a pod. They are very similar but given Riker's (admirable) tendency to subvert to any captain around him - Kirk wouldn't have had any worries. Riker appears big and tough, confident and capable - very definitely the alpha-male. Remember when he served onboard that Klingon ship - nobody pushed him around!

And yet beneath all of that is some kind of uncertainty. He was on TNG as some kind of Kirk/Decker replacement, given that Picard wasn't the action hero. But he lacked the conviction of Kirk and the intellectuality of Picard. He was really a bit two-dimensional. I mean one really has to wonder why he was so bloody slow in accepting his own command. I think he was really rather unsure of himself underneath it all. He didn't always 'get it' in the way both Kirk and Picard would have. You have to have a quick understanding of a situation to be captain.

Kirk and Picard both had it in their own way. Riker (and/or Decker) didn't. Therefore despite being admirable and likeable in many ways - he wasn't really captaincy material in my view.


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Quote: Ghostmojo @ Feb. 10 2012, 2:38 am


>He was really a bit two-dimensional. I mean one really has to wonder why he was so bloody slow in accepting his own command.

 If Riker would accept promotion, Jonathan Frakes would not be on Star Trek anymore and lose millions. I would be very slow too in accepting any promotion......

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Just to clarify my earlier comment a little, I wasn't talking about them working together, just whether they'd be friends, which I think they would.

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most definitely not! i think that the first chance he got he'd lock riker uup covered with quadrotriticale in a locker full of tribbles. riker is too much of his own person and questions orders too much.

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Kirk would have grown a beard to compete with Riker's.

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Quote: guillermo.mejía @ Feb. 16 2012, 12:16 pm


>Kirk would have grown a beard to compete with Riker's.


That's funny!

But they are too much alike, they would be good drinking buddies but I don't know how well they would actually work together. 

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As Reed said, they are too much like.  i don't know if they'd have a problem working together, but the on-screen chemistry wouldn't be there.  You need some kind of conflict between captain and XO to make for good show.


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They'd be best of friends until they start fighting over a girl. They would be the life of the party on Risa for sure.

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