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Where to start?


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Please don't berate me for asking this but I am new to the Trek and would like a few pointers. I'm a huge fan of si-fi and fantasy movies/series but we all know that the goodies in these genres are few and far between. I decided on the Trek because there is so much of it I figured it could keep me busy for a while!

Until recently I had only seen the new Star Trek movie, and I liked it to an extent but now watching the episodes/movies, I see why the fans didn't like it so much.

So I started a few days ago with First Contact because a lot of the fans liked it, and it seemed interesting. I very much enjoyed it and I feel it got me hooked. One of the main reasons it appealed to me is I realized that the history of the federation etc is so rich they can base stories not only off of the present, but past and future as well.

Then I began to watch TNG, mainly becuase Stewart kicks ass, and the rest of the crew seems pretty awesome up to this point as well. Data is hilarious, and Ryker is slowly proving himself to me (4 episodes in). I also watched the first episode of DS9 before this, and I really enjoyed it, I just didn't want to get too far ahead. I'm not so excited to watch the older episodes, the older effects kind of bore me, hate to sound like a snob, but it's hard for me to watch certain older stuff.

Do I really need to watch the original series? Also, are there any pre-TNG movies that are necessary? Wrath of Khan is on the list, definitely.

Any help is appreciated in advance. Live Long and Prosper..?


P.S.--Does this mean I can't like Star Wars anymore? ;p



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I would strongly recommend watching at least some TOS episodes.  If you don't want to sit through the entire series, then at least watch the following episodes:

The Cage & The Menagerie (to see Captain Pike - The Cage was the original pilot rejected by the network, but there were problems so he was replaced for the second pilot, and The Menagerie used most of the footage to show what had happened years before.)

Balance of Terror & The Enterprise Incident (for the Romulans - do this before you get through too far because there is something you will eventually see in TNG that builds on BoT in particular)

The Trouble with Tribbles (you'll see why... eventually)

Space Seed  (ST2:TWoK is based on this & there are numerous other references throughout the other series)

Journey to Babel (so you can see some of the other Federation races before the decades long banishment into obscurity so you can appreciate them FINALLY getting some development in Enterprise - the ultimate irony is that it took a pre-Federation series to develop some Federation races)

By Any Other Name (there is a joke in TNG that refers to this episode - subtle but funny)

The Apple (If you hate word problems in math class, then this is the episode for you - If the landing party consists of 9, but 4 of them are wearing red shirts, how many will live through the episode?)

The Enemy Within, Day of the Dove & Plato's Stepchildren  (If you are not going to watch 3 full seasons of William Shatner to prepare yourself for 7 seasons of Avery Brooks, then you should probably take these concentrated horrors to the acting profession.)

Other than that, just go through the other series in order: TNG DS9, Voy & Ent.

There is some overlap which I wouldn't worry about.  DS9 started while TNG was still on, then Voyager started up after TNG was over & DS9 was still early on.  Again, dont worry about cross referencing stardates, just get through 1 series and move on to the next.

As for continuing to like Star Wars:


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Start with ENT. It's one of my favorites. or start with TNG. 

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Also the older episode have updated effects now so they are not so bad.

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Well, let me start off by saying that this is my first post and appearance on  I'm a newly returned fan that loved watching reruns of TOS on the scifi channel growing up and got back into trek b/c of its availability on netflix, amazon instant, etc.


Introductions aside, I think that one of the coolest things about trek is that the scope of all of the series and movies is so vast that you don't necessarily need to watch all of it to enjoy.  Each series (even each cast line-up) is different enough that I would recommend that you freely explore whatever you like.  To me it's just beautiful that we have this variety and so many different peoples' tastes can find something awesome even though they don't always match up.  As broadstorm points out, there are some relatively essential TOS eps that will enhance your viewing of TNG, DS9, and the rest.  If you decide to skip them, I would at least watch the movies to get a good feel of the TOS characters.  I might be in the minority here, but I think movies I & III are underrated.  It may be heresy to some, but I would say that one of the strengths of the Trek franchise is that you don't have to be an expert to enjoy any particular show, season, or episode.


If you really want some advice and recommendations, I would strongly encourage you to bite the bullet and get used to the old-school effects of TOS.  I would rank it as tied for #1 with TNG and DS9 being a very close 2nd.  You'll be able to understand and enjoy a good bit without watching TOS, but you are also depriving yourself of some classic trek.  But I still respect you as a fan and person if you decide to stick to TNG and later.


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As a long time Star Trek fan, let me tell you how I started.

My dad loved TOS but as a child in syndication, I did not want to watch Star Trek. Though I loved sci fi I could not get into it. In the summer of 1986 I watched TOS in syndication and fell in love. Then I went from TOS right into TNG, DS9, VOY and was not a fan of ENT when it first came out. Now ironically, ENT is my favorite of all of Trek and I would say favorite in all of sci fi.

It all depends on what you want to know first. TOS is naturally the original . In it you get to learn the history of different species and space travel to put it mildly. TNG is the natural progression of it. DS9 falls into the same line but adds a space station to it as well. VOY takes you into a different quadrant. You could probably watch one of those three and understand the others, order really doesn't matter much I don't think at that point. Even though VOY meets new species, you get to see some of the normal Federation aliens. ENT though it is the last series is the beginning of Star Fleet. Everything is new to them, space and warp drive, first contact, the transporter and all that. 

Me personally would start with ENT and TOS at the same time, then go thru TNG, DS9 and VOY. 

Enjoy you voyage. (And no you can still like Star Wars, I know you were kidding, but I don't think you will look at Star Wars in the same way ever again!)

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Wow thanks a lot for the detailed responses guys, much obliged! Special thanks to Broadstorm, I have started watching TOS, the episodes you suggested, and I actually enjoy it! The story is great, and Shatner is not bad, Nemoy kicks ass too! I'm looking forward to the hundreds of episodes that I have before me, I'm gonna stick with TOS before continuing TNG. Thanks again to everyone!




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Star Trek - The Next Generation....

Best series ever it was...
I think you might like it...


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Quote: R-Digi @ Feb. 09 2012, 7:07 pm


>Shatner is not bad


Wow, I didn't realize the updated special effects were that good!


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Psh, you can like Trek as much as Wars. Over the years I've jumped from one franchise to the other. Right now I find Trek to be my favorite franchise of all time, though Star Wars gave me a lot of good moments in my childhood.

There's nothing wrong with knowing that the Millenium Falcom made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs AND that the Excelsior was unable to break the Enterprises speed records.

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okay here we go

1) phasers are not ray guns

2) Geordi does not sing

3) spot is not an lolcat

4) ferengi ane not jawas

5) lightsabers no not exist

6) you may not make fun of janeway

7) you can still love star wars... just tell luke to screw the lightsaber and get a phaser

good luck with TREKLIFE!!!

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