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Star Trek: Nemesis- Alternative Story


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I've written my own storyline for star trek 10- I wanted to try and come up with an idea on what the final TNG movie could've been


In my story there is:

No Riker and Troi wedding

No Data singing

No B-4

No Argo

No Remans

No mind raping


Please read the rough storyline and tell me what you think of it, thank you



Star Trek: Restoration


Story outline:


2378- a Federation starship named USS Aldrin is on a mission to the romulan neutral zone to meet Romulan Senator Hiren on board a romulan warbird to begin a peace treaty between the United Federation of Planets and the Romulan Empire. But the Aldrin is suddenly attacked and destroyed by a romulan warbird without any warning or reason.

On Earth, William T Riker is made captain of the USS Titan with Deanna Troi as the ship's new counsellor and Data becoming Picard's new number one officer on board the USS Enterprise E. 

But Federation Headquarters is soon put on red alert. Starfleet Command has the Titan stationed in the Terran System as Earth's best defence ship and sends the Enterprise E to investigate the destruction of the Aldrin in the neutral zone. The enterprise senior staff study the last crew recording of the Aldrin just before the ship was destroyed. The enterprise's scanners detect certain traces of radiation surge activity in the system. Picard supects there was a third ship present at the Aldrin's destruction and believes there is more than meets the eye.

Meanwhile, the USS Titan receives an emergency distress call from the enterprse E. The Titan sets course for the apparent location of the enterprise in the neutral zone but are led into a deadly trap where the distress call was a fake. The Titan are ruthlessly attacked by the same romulan warbird. Senator Hiren- in command of the Warbird- sends a message to starfleet command and informs them he is acting on strict orders given by the romulan imperial senate and gives a message to the federation: the days of the federation are over and the glory days of the romulan empire must be restored.  the federation must surrender to the romulan empire or be destroyed like the USS Titan will be.

Just as the warbird is about to destroy the damaged Titan, the enterprise suddenly arrives and opens fire on the warbird. The two ships engage in violent battle- inflicting damage on each other. the warbird goes to cloak and warps off whilst the enterprise is left damaged and Data is severely injured in a violent on board accident. Data's total linear computational speed rate and memory engrams are severely crippled- resulting in memory and intelligence loss.

The enterprise beam aboard the crew of the Titan. Starfleet command orders Picard to return to Earth immediately but Picard receives a mysterious channel message from a man who calls himself Shinzon and claims to be the leader of a liberated group of freedom fighters who wants to have a peaceful talk with Picard about the attacks of the romulan empire.

Picard goes against orders of starfleet command and sets course for the co ordinates given to them by Shinzon. The enterprise arrives at a remote star system on the outskirts of the romulan neutral zone and are met by a mysterious romulan warbird that guards an asteroid with a small stationed outpost on it. Picard and his senior staff beam down to the outpost to meet Shinzon.


Shinzon reveals himself to be a 30 year- old- looking human male but is in fact a younger clone of Picard.


Shinzon explains that ten years ago in 2368- the romulans secretly gathered samples of DNA from Picard and used them to create Shinzon through genetic cloning. Shinzon was genetically designed to skip up to 50 years of age in less than two years through highly advanced age acceleration. The romulans also were developing a highly powerful and dangerous radiation weapon. The Romulans formed a plan to have shinzon reach Picard's age and secretly replace him as captain of the enterprise and have him use the radiation weapon to wipe out earth and the federation. However the weapon failed to work and Shinzon's genetic age acceleration failed and he only reached twenty years in age in the first year and the acceleration rate stopped permantely and the normal ageing process began from there onward.

Considered a failed and useless pawn in their plan against the federation, the romulans abandoned their experimental weapon and sent Shinzon to a romulan mining prison for life. Shinzon soon befriended a group of romulan and alien prisoners and they managed to escape after less than a year and have lived on their secret asteriod outpost ever since then for the past eight years.

Shinzon explains to Picard he and his freedom fighters have discovered the romulans are resuming their plans to destroy the federation and have succeeded into making their experimental weapon work properly. Shinzon swears he is not on the Romulan Empire's side and says he and his crew wish to help Picard and Starfleet fight against the Romulans and even join the united federation of planets.

Picard reluctantly believes and trusts Shinzon.


But Shinzon and his crew actually in fact are in possession of the Romulan's secret deadly radiation weapon and have succeeded in making it work properly and their warbird's transporter can work through their cloaking device and through other ship's shields without detection. Shinzon's number one crewman and loyalist is a criminal changeling who beamed aboard senator Hiren's warbird, killed him and his crew, took control of the ship, attacked the federation and posed as the senator himself.

We learn that Shinzon's DNA structure has been breaking down due to the failure of the genetic age acceleration and he is now dying and nothing can save him.

The Imperial Romulan Senate become convinced the federation are framing them into attacking them to begin a war, so they send out all fleets of romulan warships to fight against the federation.

All peaceful and diplomatic negotiations quickly cease and the federation send all their ships to defend the federation systems against the romulans.

We learn Shinzon's real plot: He has been planning on tricking the federation and the romulan empire in going into war with each other- hoping the romulan empire will end up crippled so his crew can take control of the empire. Shinzon wishes to use the the radition weapon to kill Picard and wipe out Earth and the Federation before he dies.

As much as Shinzon hates the romulan empire, he hates Picard the most because he blames him for his violent, painful short lived existence and because Picard has lived the life that Shinzon always wanted to have but never did and now never can do.

As Data's memory and intelligence slowly returns, a dangerous war begins- not only a war between the federation and the romulan empire but a war between Picard and Shinzon



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