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Dr McCoy, Dr Crusher, or Dr Bashir?

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Created by: Green Blooded Bastard

Green Blooded Bastard

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Dr McCoy takes my heart for his witty comebacks, and southern humor. Dr Crusher sparks me as a doctor who can get the job done while holding your hand and telling you everythings alright. Dr Bashir is just too damn adorable and is the youngest doctor to recieve so much recognition for his work. so heres to Starfleets cheifs.. of medicine that is. 

Kate McCoy

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I'm gonna Say doc McCoy but I'd rather have the rather Wierd lovechild created by All three of them making a kid somehow..... Then I'd have 3 Docs in 1..... That may come off rather wierd

Lula Klos

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What about Voyager's EMH, Joe? He had personality problems but he was a good doctor. I would ask him and Seven to sing for me.

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He's my sweetie-I wouldn't want anyone else tp operate on me! (that rhymes )

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Neither, preferably. Healthy is better. But if it had to come down to it, Bashir of course.

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From the list, Bashir, but I would have prefered the EMH from voyager.


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McCoy of course.

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As far as doctors go, McCoy is The Man. I am so not surprised that he's getting all the love.


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Dr. McCoy. he's got scalpels in his sickbay.


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Probably Bashir...I'd like to see his genetically-enhanced mind screw up an operation. Though if Joe the EMH were an option, I might have reconsidered.

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Doctor Crusher gets my vote...


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While I'd probably get a good kick out of interacting with the EMH, I'd definitely feel the most comforted by Bones's persona and Southern charm.  Plus, I'd know that we both share a similar disdain for 20th century medicine aka Spanish Inquisition.


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Christine Chapel and Dr Crusher, yeah...


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I would have to say McCoy


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Bashir, no doubt about it for me. 

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