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Report this Feb. 05 2012, 12:13 am

Lol, well hello, i spent the last year watching every episode of star trek and well i'm Addicted now lol,  does anyone know is there is any plans to remake or bring back any of the star trek series or anychance of making a new set of seires,

My Favourate series to date probs have to be Enterprise (2001-2005)

tho i Loved Data from Next Generation, didnt like him to much when he was playing Dr Soong in Enterprise lol,

Go Reg Berclay, he was like in nearly all the series, Next Generation, Voyager.


Well now that i have seen them all i need something for my well trekky addiction lol,

Anyone got any ideas what i could move onto which is similer?

Well Let me know, thanks

Seen Every Episode ever made in less then 1 year ha ha, cant wait for more.


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Report this Feb. 05 2012, 12:44 am

Hey there I did exactly the same as you, I have every episode and movie ever made. Have you got the animated season? Just completes the collection I think. I moved onto Battlestar Galactica (the new ones) they are amazing and if you love Star Trek, which you obviously do, you will love Battlesrar Galactica. Its a really addictive series, I bought mine all together in the Blu-ray boxset. It was a little pricey at £70 but well worth it. I think you can get the DVD boxset for around £50-£60. Finally I have heard that there maybe a new series with the guys from the new film, thats just rumour though.


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Report this Mar. 02 2012, 5:56 pm

thanks, was a great series, seen them all now, just need to find something else t move on with now lol. thanks for the suggestion, any ideas of what i could move onto  next?


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