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What was your favorite thing about Voyager?


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I loved that the crew could always count on each other to work towards the common goal, getting home. They're like a family, and they do everything they can to protect that family.

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I've heard people argue before that Voyager was the series most like TOS, in terms of encountering the unknown on a weekly basis, the sense of adventure, the comraderie between the crew, etc... Can't say I disagree with that. TNG and DS9 pretty much explored everything there was to do in the Alpha Quadrant, so setting VOY in the DQ made sense and was a nice change of pace. I never had any problem with the multitude of Borg-related episodes either, it was only natural that Voyager would enter Borg space sooner or later, and only natural that they would want to gain as much information about them as possible. Of course, VOY had some lame episodes, but what series didn't. Could it have been better? Of course, but so what.

I guess what matters most is that as a kid watching it on its first run, it was my favorite show.  I grew up with the Voyager crew, and it was the time of the week I most looked forward to (Weds. on UPN @ 9pm). So many great memories! 

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I would have to say Janeway and watching her mind work through the big problems of the DQ.

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Everything. I really enjoyed watching the characters grow over the years. I liked the borg storylines. I liked species 8472. I thought it was more exciting than the other Star Trek shows.

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