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What was your favorite thing about Voyager?


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^ It was resolved, but not peacefully. In DS9 "Blaze of Glory" (and VOY "Hunters") we learn that the after Cardassia Prime joined the Dominion, the Jem'Hadar hunted down and killed every Maquis member they could find. Some had to surrender to Starfleet to save themselves.

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I just saw Voyager all the way through and reviewed it under the Board "Seeing Voyager for the First Time".  In general, I did not like it as much as TOS, TNG or ENT...though I still enjoyed it.

The strengths of the show were the premise...being on the other side of the galaxy...the Borg...the episodes Year of Hell, Distant Origin and Living Witness...the characters of Paris, The Doctor and Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan was terrific)...the ship was kind of cool and the different alien races they encountered like the Hirogen.

Unfortunately, there were many weaknesses.  Chakotay, Kim and Torres were awful.  The show suffered a LOT from the "spatial anomaly of the week".  And how many times did they have a problem from shuttlecraft, transporter and holodeck issues?  It got ridiculous.  The show had a LOT of missed opportunities, like when Kim thought he might be an alien only to turn out he was simply infected with a virus.  He SHOULD have been an alien.

Finally, the ending was a let down.  There was more story to tell when they got back but they just ended it.



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The character of Tom Paris.

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I think I first seriously watched Voyager at my sister's house in Arizona. "Q2". I sat myself down upstairs with my iPod Touch for Memory Alpha and my Q. I watched the journey they made there, and I saw Icheb, who still remains my top favorite character. I went further back in time the next morning and watched "Caretaker". It was so well-structured and I had no plot questions at the end. I'm a writer, so when I don't have questions at the end of the story, I can tell that it's good. I skipped all over the series, from Seven of Nine to Kes to Neelix and everywhere else. By the time we left my sister's house for the airport, I was humming the Voyager theme and singing the words to the theme song that I had made up in my head. I was humming so much that my mom had to tell me to stop humming. Voyager drew me in, and I let myself into its folds. No more was this Jean-Luc Picard, going where everyone had gone before. No more was this Benjamin Sisko, with his beard and wormhole giving him a peek into the abyss. No, this was a full dive into the galactic pool, albeit unintentional, with Kathryn Janeway in the lead. 

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I loved all of Voyager, but the final destruction of the Borg Queen and the Hive in Endgame was great. And Janeways final words "Set a course for home".


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The best thing is the expression of the deep human emotion tied to the concept of "home"... a place in the heart of where one belongs even while out exploring new and exciting adventures.  The theme is so apt in the lone horn carrying the journey straveling amidst the splashes of the strings... with a quiet and relieved conclusion to the ending.



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I really liked the entire series. The idea that they are the only ship out in the Delta Quadrant. I also really enjoyed the fact that Janeway was the only female captain for a series. I thought that the ending was also very good.

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I absolutely loved the fact that Voyager upheld the Starfleet way while being a new addition. In so many shows I see that they aren't the same or anywhere close to being like the first. But Star Trek really got it right. Voyager really was fun to watch!

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all of them.

i love all star trek shows and movies.


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Quote: kjaneway11 @ Feb. 03 2012, 2:21 pm


>There is just so much to love about Voyager: the crew's determination to get home, their compassion, Janeway's leadership, the lovable characters. Through it all, what was your favorite part of it all? What made Voyager so excellent?


VOY was great. I really liked the unique nature of it with the requirement of the journey home. It also was an interesting method of providing viewers with a wide array of new species and adventures unlike the other shows.

The characters were fun in VOY as well, although I enjoyed the characters from TOS, TNG, and ENT more. (respectively, favorite first) I don't even know the characters from DS9, aside from Worf, since I was never able to find myself interested in the show whatsoever.

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My favorite thing about Voyager?  CHAKOTAY- he`s adorable.


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Seven of Nine!


Nah, I liked the storyline of being lost on the other side of the galaxy! 


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Hate to just go with the crowd on this one but definetly 7 of 9.

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I liked that the series tried to strike out and introduce us to new regions of space/characters.


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Best stuff about Voyager? Janeway, friendship, caring, compassion, The Delta Flyer, Seven, Holodock, strange new worlds and new cultures. Neelix's cooking, Marquis vs Starfleet(lol), Q, Tuvok, the best decision to get rid of Kes *does a little dance*.

I like how sometimes the crew was rigid and professional, then other times they were relaxed and hanging out at Sandrines or in Fair Haven like on TNG. I liked how Janeway was maternal and protective of her crew but also womanly and sexy. I liked how the writers hinted at an attraction between her and Chakotay. Cool! Kinda like Picard/Crusher...

It was just my favorite show! I still watch it on Netflicks whenever I get the time. Its like home.

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