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What was your favorite thing about Voyager?


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There is just so much to love about Voyager: the crew's determination to get home, their compassion, Janeway's leadership, the lovable characters. Through it all, what was your favorite part of it all? What made Voyager so excellent?


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I loved to see a woman in command without being questioned all the time because she is a woman. In every other tv show or movie it seems as if a woman is in a power situation she has to do it against everyone and fight harder than a man to obtain the right to command. This is not done in star trek voyager, it is just the way it is, women are in as much control and have equal power, it is how good you are that counts, not your gender.


Then I love the story, it's tragic to be so far from home and the longing to come home again and how the crew start to realise their reality and toward the end don't seem just happy to get home, but also sad. The life they have created on voyager is over and will never be the same.

I love how Janeway is smart, stuborn, makes the hard decicions and holds a high standard and believs in herself even when she is questioned by crew or first officer. And her tough love routine ^^ Plus she flirts with everyone it seems hehe..

And the borg, the borg episodes are  filled with action, it's awesome! Every other piece of borg I've seen on other shows is so lame..

And I love that they are in the unknown with new species than same old vulcans and  romulans everywhere =)


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It was truly a voyage into th unkown. And they were alone. The charcters were great also.

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For me it would be the fact that a woman was in command. I remember watching it when I was a child with my dad, around 6 or 7, and there was Janeway. She ran the ship and was respected by her crew traveling around in space. It gave me the feeling that I could grow up and do anything.


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Kes, and her outer/inner beauty, her deep compassion, and gentleness. Kathryn, her maternal love for her crew, her determination, stepping down from the lofty heights of command, to be one of the gang. The friendship of Chakotay and herself.  The Family that they all are, the loyalty, the eternal bonds. Tom's well-placed wisecracks. Voyager herself. The mission home through uncharted space, one crew against the unknown. The theme, that conjurs up my memories of my beloved seasons 1-3, in particular. Regardless of the critiques against it, STV remains the closest to my heart, even as TOS endures for me, and Enterprise.

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Janeway-nuff said....But honestly, it was the awesome cast, and like many said here, the true voyage into the unknown, whish hadn't had since TOS and a woman in command w/o question and her gender wasn't brought in to question her leadership (the Kazon not withstanding).

The Borg episodes were top notch, and Janeway vs the Borg Queen was aweome. Janeway made herself the Queen's personal nemesis- and beat her every time. "Janeway"= "f**k" in Borg. 


I loved the new species, especially the Hirogen even though they were blatant Predator rip offs.

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I liked that it was most like the original in that they were on their own really meeting new species. I don't dislike them but it got boring when it was oh its the Klingons or Romulans, or Ferengi again with TNG and DS9. Even Cardassians were getting stale, so having a new species of the week was a nice change even if they weren't that interesting.

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My favorite thing was the sense of family among the crew. That never existed in the other shows (except possibly TOS, I haven't seen enough of that one to comment).

The Borg episodes were great too. Though I still like DS9 better.

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I loved Kate Mulgrew! She played KJ as srtong with a sensitivity too.


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The theme music, by Jerry Goldsmith, and the movable nacelles.

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The Doctor was the best thing about Voyager.

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Voyager was epic!! Great stories, great characters. I am a huge fan of Kate Mulgrew .. so much so I locked myself in a Police cell for 10 hours and raised over $700 for the Minnesota Medical foundation which is a charity that Kate does a great deal of work for.

To have Star Trek in your life is to have a second family I think. There is a certain unity between all Star Trek fans and I think that is wonderful. Its easy to therefore draw similatriies between the Voyager family and the fans. Our own little community.



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I honestly, didnt think any crew could come close to the TNG. I liked every character. like TNG, every member of Janeways crew became family, in a sense. She was equal to Picard when it came to leardership. The storyline could not have been improved. I enjoyed every episode. The characters were so good, I would have a hard time choosing a favorite. it would Probably be Seven or The doctor, if i were forced to chose. Both actors played well together, they had such a sincere, relationship. I thought, they would have ended up together.  They should have put Voyagers writers in charge of Enterprise and we probably would have gotten our 2 more years. I wanted so bad for them to get home, but was sad when they did. I would have been happy with them being stranded for 2-3 more years.


GOD ! please bring back a series or 2...


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Seven of Nine


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I love Voyager for many of the reasons mentioned here: a woman in command, the great characters, the premise, the humor, the adventures, and the friendships.

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