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What Captain has the most intimidating "serious face"?

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Created by: Vulcan1981


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Picard.  Sir Stewart literally scares me...


Kate McCoy

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I voted Janeway Cause she Was The Most Seriosu in the show and even in the book after the crew gets home she's still Is the most serious... especilly when it comes to pretecting her crew..... But Kirk comes really close for me Cause even while laughing he could curdle milk with his look..... 


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Janeway was almost like a mother bear protecting her cubs. She met any and every threat to the ship with an attitude that said, "Back off, or I will hurt you [as long as it doesn't interfere with the Prime Directive]." But she got extremely protective.

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Picard may have a glance of steel, and Sisko has a tendency to punch people who make him mad, but Janeway protects her crew like a mother hen, one who has access to photon torpedoes!

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I'd have to go with Kirk or Archer. They were generally mellow (except 3rd season Archer) ... and then blam ... one look and you're scrubbing Jeffrries' tubes and sleeping in the catwalk.

Sisko, Janeway and Picard were emotionally consistent. Even Spock reflected on Picard's demeanour.

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Sisko.... no question.


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The Sisko, if he's giving you the death stare it's even odds he's about to punch you. Not to mention the one officer who disobeyed him, he gassed an entire planet in retaliation.


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Picard.  Because he's so good at berating people too.


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So far Picard's leading the vote, but the posters seem to be leaning towards Sisko or Janeway.

Data's Girl

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Picard has my vote... I am very stubborn, but if Picard told me to clean my room, I'd be up there at warp nine!

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Fleet Admiral Braxton

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Tie: Picard And Sisco.  


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Janeway she will blowup any ship if you pi$$ her off even the Enterprise NX01,A,B,C,D,andE hell she will blowup DS9 so Captains dont pi$$ Janeway off.

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My order:

1) Janeway
2) Sisco
3) Picard/Archer
4) Archer/Picard
5) Kirk

Not that Kirk wasn't serious, but he was having to much fun to be intimidating. Picard & Archer could really go either way, they both had their moments.  Sisco is the oddball. When he's serious he looks MEEEEAAAAANNNN, but when he grins it's so goddamned goofy I could never look at the man the same way again. But Janeway takes the cake. You don't mess with Mamma! That woman could be a real "busy-bee-with-an-itch". Just one look with that protective mother-hen attitude and its all she wrote.

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