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Who's the best actor in TNG

Momo Spock

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I think Patrick Stewart was good how about you other Trekkies?


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It is really close between Patrick and Brent.

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Quote: OneDamnMinuteAdmiral @ Jan. 31 2012, 6:38 pm


>It is really close between Patrick and Brent.



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the bungalo bill

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Terry O'quinn 


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Whoopi Goldberg  


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Definately a toss-up between Brent Spiner and Sir Patrick Stuwart.

Spot the cat was good too.

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Sir Patrick Stewart, nobody else could of played the Captain.


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Patrick Stewart is the best hands down. Then Brent Spinner 

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I'd have to go with Patrick Stewart, but John de Lancie and Bent Spiner were also very good!!!


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Patrick Stewart was the best.  But, he had more experience than most of the others.

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Sir Patrick Stewart Was and is the best.


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I must say I first wasn't really impresed with Marina Sirtis' performance, but after some episodes in the later seasons when she had to play "Troi in trouble" - for example in "A fistful of Datas" or when she aged and behaved strangely.. I figured "Wow, she is GOOD".
But no one could beat Patrick Steward. Just look at the scene after the mind-melt with Sarek. It's one of the best scenes in TNG ever!

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Sir Patrick Stewart all the way!!  I was just thinking earlier today about the impressive scope and depth of his work.  No wonder he's Sir Patrick.  On a side note, IMO it's interesting that none of the female TNG cast are as good as Nichelle Nichols.


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Everyone was wonderful. It's a good show when Brent Spiner's Data doesn't win it for me. I definitely have to say Patrick Stewart. Although he could probably win best actor among any TV show, film or stage production. I hsve to agree I loved Terry O'Quinn's quest role too. I wish we could've seen him again.


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I believe that Brent Spiner and Patrick Stewart are the best actors in the series. Brent Spiner brings the youthfulness and innocence of Data while Patrick Stewart brings out the poetic and intellectual side of Picard.

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