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Mankind's DESTINY where are we headed ?


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>Once again Jim you have compleaty missed my point so I will try to make my point more clear. First ,I did not mean that I never listened to my parents, I meant that I learned some things on my own.You know, through life experience. Second, treating people well is a simple thing and has nothing to do with god. Anyone with an open mind can see(even those who were indoctrinated at childhood to believe in farie tales)that morality does not comes from god. I remind you that a vast majority of the world is god fearing. How is that working out. Third, when I asked about the tree of knowledge I was making a point. It is this,if god wanted man to learn he would have told man to eat from the tree. That seems to be logical don't ya think? Now I don't want to insult your beliefs an if I have I'm truly sorry. A little story. When I was in school years ago ( grade 6 I think at a catholic school) my teacher a nun was teaching us about debating. We were to debate whether cars or horses were better and she chose who would be on each side. I was chosen to take the side of horses. Not fully understanding I said horses were better than cars because god made horses and cars were made by man. She stopped me and explained to me that this was not a valid argument. A nun said this. Can you guess why? Jim, you have been debating now for a long time with another fellow about Obama. Both you guys disagree on a lot but I'm sure you both agree that Obama exists. See my point. If I said that Bin Laden was still alive we might have a debate about just this however if I said he is alive and the reason no one has seen him because he found the one ring(lord of the rings) and became invisible then that would spark an argument as to whether the one ring exists. See my point. If you ask if gods plan is for man to leave earth then you spark a debate about the existance of god. Unlike the Obama point not everybody believes god exists. If you want to debate the existance of god then that's fine, I'm happy to do this as I find it an interesting subject and I suspect there are others who enjoy it as well. But there is no need to disguise your intentions with another subject. All you need to do is say " I believe in god wanna argue" and people will.

Okay, we're not reading each other clearly, so try to follow me, FIRST you have understand why God told Adam and Eve not to eat from the tree, God wanted man to learn but most importantly he wanted man's OBEDIENCE, I get the impression you feel it was okay for them to eat from the tree since it gives them knowledge ? no, God was testing their loyalty to him, and they lost out, if they had obeyed God then their lives would had been better and they would gain GREATER knowledge in the long run..And I don't need to argue about God, we can debate his creations,his existence, why believe in him if you cannot see him ?what about air can you see it? can you see gravity ? no but you feel it.. You mention me debating about Obama with another person that shows Obama exists, physically, yes because we see and hear him, Do some doubt the existence of God because a powerful being is beyond our scope of comprehension, INFINITE knowledge and power is beyond us. look at TIME, no one can point to a certain moment as the beginning of time, we live and die, time does not. Space-There is no beginning and no end, can we fully comprehend the beginning or ending of our universe ? if the universe came about from a non-intelligent source and life on Earth came about on it's own then we can conclude humanity is just one big mistake originating from nothing and it won't make difference if and asteriod  came and wipe us all out, right ? ... If you want we can leave God out of the conversation and talk about mankinds his weaknesses  and his place in the universe.

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