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Why did Shatner diss Avery Brooks in 'The Captains" ?


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Report this Sep. 26 2012, 11:19 am

sounds like kate was as tired of the show as the fans were.

I think bakula sold the show short i did think the crew had some magic (unlike  most of the voyager cast)i loved thier banter, humour and wide eyed enthusiasm.

AND NOW TO the mad man

if he wast on something or playing a bizare unfunny joke on ole fatty shatner then what the hell was that about?

He really un nerved me in a way , even the grudge never did

it was hands down the most sad and disturbing thing ive ever watched. this shambling stumbling mess of a man making no sense and just made me feel  ashamed and sorry for him.





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My favorite parts of The Captains was Brooks. Yeah, at first I was wondering if he'd gone a little nutters, and maybe he has, but if you really listen to what he had to say, his comments were the most deep and impactful of the whole show. You just have to understand the language he used, and realize that he was coming from a completely different angle than the average person. It's like he's on this thought plane far above the "average Joe", and he refused to dumb himself down, but instead tried to bring Shatner up to his level.

Now, Brooks is a jazz musician first, humanitarian a close second or a tie for first, and actor third (or fourth, or forty-fourth). He spoke exactlly like a jazz poet commenting on the deepest parts of life. Getting into that frame of mind helps understand where he's coming from.

Was he stoned? Was he insane? I don't know. Maybe one or both or neither. But everything he said was understandable and relevant, if you were willing to dive into his imagery and let his music take you where he wanted you to go.


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Okay, watched it this past weekend. Do you not understand it was a stand up comic routine? He dissed on Sir Patrick as well and Kate and himself! Far from disrespecting him, if you pay attention to the cresits you would see that he hired Brookes as the music supervisor. I'd say that indicates a tremendous amount of respect.

CORPORATIONS AREN'T PEOPLE! Soylent Green is people.


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Avery Brooks is fruity. He has always been fruity and will always be fruity. The best role he ever played was Hawk and that was before the drugs obviously started eating his mind.


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Report this Nov. 28 2012, 3:36 am

We all should be used to Shatner and his mouth by now. I love him but he's not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

I took what he said about Brooks at the con as a sort of back handed compliment.

And yeh it was very revealing how after talking to Stewart, a classical actor, with brains, he saw his own role in the ST saga in its proper perspective.

Shatner has always been about Shatner. It was good to see him wake up at last.

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