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Who did you vote for as most conifident captain?


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I think Janeway was a confident captain, having to get her crew home from 70,000 light years and never giving up on that


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captain kirk is the most confident captain. This guy set the bar for being a starship captain. He was the master of being on the edge of insubordination/command creativity.   youngest captain ever to command a federation ship of the line. Youngest admiral in records. Went outside the galaxy and to the center of the galaxy. Made more first contacts than any other star trek captain until janeway got to the delta quadrant. Made peace with the klingons. Personal hero to benjamin sisko.  Janeway is good but kirk is better.


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In order- Kirk, Janeway, Sisko, Pickard. Archer doesn't count because Enteprise DESTROYS THE CONTINUITY!!!

Khan? Where's Mr. Roarke?


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Kirk, Archer, Picard, Siscko 

"Please Watch Our Films"


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Kirk, because he has this Never-Say-Die attitude and no matter what happens, he never, ever, ever gives up. I swear, the man must have cheated death at least a thousand times. He is practically fearless.

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