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Captain Team-Up

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Created by: KALEL_10


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Picard has a way with women, so I`d say he would make a good team with Janeway. Besides, they both are very intelligent.


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I forgot about Riker. He is a captain now. Not one of the classics, but he deserves a spot.   So far, it looks like Kirk and anyone and Janeway and Picard are tied.


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Janeway and Picard would be awesome!


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Quote: Kate McCoy @ Jan. 28 2012, 5:38 am


>Sisko and Archer are Simaler in Sooooooo many ways I think they would make a good team


I don't see it.  How do you consider them similar?  Archer was enthusiastic about exploration, and Sisko spent 3 years in at Utopia Planetia shipyards, before grudgingly taking the assignment at DS9, where he talked about resigning.  Archer was more idealistic, but even with that, would do his own dirty work when necessary.  Sisko outsourced his dirty work, and then got indignant with the person who did it.  Archer faced conflicts he never anticipated, beating his optimism out of him including an attack that cost 7 million people their lives.  Sisko left his post in the middle of a major war because a friend of his died, and would have been content to sit their brooding over his piano if that ball hadn't rolled off of it.


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I want to see something head-turning and unexpected, like Kirk and Janeway.

"Two hot-heads in a fleet full of rules. Who will break more rules? Who gets into bigger trouble time travelling? Who had the better hair? This Summer....Janway and Kirk team up, and protocol be damned!

Star Trek: Super-Generations

Tag-line: Two Captains....too many rules"

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Kirk and Archer. That would be awesome. They would definitely do some serious butt-kicking.


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Shran (Andorian commander from Enterprise) and Sulu.  I think they'd have a good dynamic.


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Shran and Sulu? I bet they'd probably get into some insane adventures. Like insanely awesome. Wait a minute....lightbulb moment here....Shran and Sulu and Kirk and Archer all teamed up together.(Nobody said the team had to be just two.) Now that would be insanely awesome!


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Janeway is Picard's opposite in a lot of respects. But they could have a few laughs together.

'Impossible' is a word that humans use far too often.


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hi to all i am ron fro miami and i like to see star trek i diden't see the serial becouse i dont have the time now i can see all the films any one some link for me


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Jean Luc Picard and Jack Sparrow. Imagine the possibilities.

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dude, picard killed siskos wife... how could you not wanna see them get together?


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I'm thinking Kirk and Archer, but I'm liking Picard and Jack Sparrow. That could prove very interesting.

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Captain Adams!


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Quote: Vulcan1981 @ Jan. 28 2012, 10:03 pm


>Janeway and Picard!!! It would be awesome and Picard wanted her to be his first officer originally anyway and was disappointed when she was already assigned as a command officer on the Billings. No one would stand a chance with those two teamed up!


Definitely agreed. Picard and Janeway would be unstoppable... As long as their choleric tendencies don't clash too often. Both are quite stubborn, if they ever disagreed could make for a highly interesting conflict! Lol

"We're Starfleet officers. Weird is part of the job." - Janeway

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