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Captain Team-Up

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Created by: KALEL_10


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I thought about this last night, and I'd love to see Sisko and Archer team up. Now, I know a couple of people who'd love to see Kirk team up with any Captain. Which would be cool. I'm looking forward to seeing some interesting team ups, and why. But please, guys, not Kirk and Captain America, or Captain Marvel, or Captain Kangaroo. Funny, yeah. Likely...well, c'mon.


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I think Kirk and anyone but to be more specific I'd like to see Kirk and Janeway 

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Kirk and Spock (both captains at one point)

But please, I don't want to see any bathrooms anywhere in the film!

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Sisko and Archer are Simaler in Sooooooo many ways I think they would make a good team


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None...they tried that in Generations and it was pretty uninspiring.

Crossover stories are generally very weak...and more about making the fans squeee than telling a good story.

I think they should just let it be.

captain saavik

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Janeway and Picard unlikely i know but those are normally the best matches, the ones that never seem like they will work out.  


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I voted Picard and Sisko. Their styles are so different; I know they'd make a good team.

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Janeway and Picard!!! It would be awesome and Picard wanted her to be his first officer originally anyway and was disappointed when she was already assigned as a command officer on the Billings. No one would stand a chance with those two teamed up!

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Janeway is certainly a valuable weapon. That voice would scare off a good many hostile aliens (and quite few humans too).


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Kirk and Archer

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Janeway and Archer............1st captain in the Delta Quadrant and 1st captain in Starfleet. What a powerful combo. 

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Maybe something from the books.... Riker & Ezri or M'k'nzy of Calhoun & Sisko.


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My team has allready teamed up Kirk and Picard

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Kirk and Klingon captain Koloth


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Now there's an interesting team up. I just thought about Captain Pike and Picard. I think Pike actually would make a good team with anyone.

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