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Best Enterprise Season

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Created by: Sora


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Season 4 without a doubt. Some great stories in there. Though I also love "Dead Stop" and "Regeneration" from season 2.

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Fantastic 4!

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Season 3. I always thought that 4 felt far to compressed. Because they were rushing to an ending.

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Season 2, but Season 4 is a close 2nd.

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Season 2 was good, but 4 was the best the show put out.

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Season 4 because it talks about humans, vulcans, andorians, klingons, the main alpha quadrant characters.

However, from story-telling enjoyment, I like season 3. Season 4 feels a little rush for me. Season 3, I can feel that every development of the plot is explored thoroughly.


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They all suck!!!!!!

Just joking.

They got it right in season 4. So, season 4 for me. Season 5 would have been so good.

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