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Haynes USS Enterprise Owner's Manual - what a hoot


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Hayne's has an owner's manual out now that looks great on the cover. I don't have one yet, but i is in my wish list. I've waiting for years for a new tech manual to come out and this comes close. Cool and fun at the same time.




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as i said elsewhere i found it really disappointing - was really excited when i saw it in a shop but it's not a good job in my opinion - not like the usual Haynes at all - ok, i KNOW the Enterprise isn't a Ford but they could have made a better effort of proving really detailed schematics etc of the ship - but then i guess that would have been far too much like hard work, as they'd have had to make it all up

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The Haynes Enterprise manual is not really a technical manual, but more of a history and overview of each ship.  I was hoping for more of a technology based manual, like the Haynes Apollo 11 manual.  The TNG and DS9 tech manuals are far superior in my opinion.

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