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Writers as Convention Guests

Matthias Russell

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Report this Jan. 26 2012, 4:19 pm

I've been chatting with author David Mack about him attending conventions.  I mentioned how I would like to see him at the 2012 Las Vegas Convention to which he replied,

"Vegas never invites book writers. . . . Creation Entertainment is a for-profit entity, they tend to focus on packing their events with actors and high-level tv and film creators, who are more likely to draw large audiences willing to pay Creation's registration fees, and shell out for autographs. . . . the hard cold truth is that we're just not as big a draw as the actors and producers."

So David Mack and other authors of trek lit will not be invited to Creation events as guests, including Vegas 2012.  Do you agree with Creation that writers are not a big draw for crowds?  Would you like to discuss trek with the authors, attend their panels, and get their signatures? 

The authors themselves have mentioned that they would like to attend these conventions as featured and compensated guests.  I think current authors such as David Mack, Christopher Bennett, Peter David, and others would be a great addition to conventions and draw fans as would past Trek writers.  Do you agree? 

Is anybody willing to write to Creation and ask that authors be invited as guests to Vegas this year and to their future conventions?

Matthias Russell

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 If you would like to contact Creation Entertainment about this, here is their info:

Creation Entertainment
217 S. Kenwood Street
Glendale, CA 91205

Phone: (818) 409-0960
Fax: (818) 409-0827 Guest Booking Inquiry">

Please take a few minutes to write and ask that authors be included at events.  Also mention by name which authors you would like to see and why they are valuable to the franchise and to conventions.  Thanks.


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I'd love to be able to 'pick' a Star Trek author's mind!!

As for cons, if not Creation then I'd love to see other cons pick up this idea and run with it!  If the other cons had authors as compensated guests and it is proved to be a crowd draw then Creation would have to seriously look at that.  And seeing that, as well as people writing in about this, could help Creation see what they are missing out on.

Hope this made sense, my mind is on a few other things right now so I may not have gotten my thoughts written out as they are in my head :: grins ::

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I would LOVE for the writers to come! I love to write myself and am always intrigued by the writing/thought process with the production of any great film or show...

It would be fantastic!!!

Matthias Russell

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I'm not talking about tv show writers. I'm talking about novel writers. They are the ones who don't get invited.

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