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Starting up


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I've been a Trekkie my whole life, well since I was 5yo anyway, but have never really collected items. I want to start collecting ST action figures. Where can I find a good resources for pricing and value of collectables?

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An idea for what?

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What is with the ensign? He also posted something on a post that I started and wanted to be e-mailed. He wasn't forthcoming there either.

I have a Riker and a LaForge(missing visor) with a TNG shuttle with SFX and lights. Don't what they are worth though. Shuttle is missing rear door. but the lights and sounds still work.


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I would try either reference books from a book store or google for the books or google for sites to help. 

Good Luck

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The best place is to go to a convention you can usually pick up stuff there for a decent price. I went to one a few times where a guy had a bunch of boxes of those playmates ones for $2 a piece. And constantly see those Diamond Select action figures for between 8-10 dollars. I once stupidly passed on getting the playmates TOS crew collection which was only $20. I'm not one for giving outrageous prices for toys so I choose not to.

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I have a large collection of various items i am trying to sell, message me if you have anything inpaticular in mind as i may be able to help

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