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Final Episode


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Okay, firstly those who haven't seen that last ENG episode and still want to, it's better to watch it first before reading these threads about it. 

I watched that last episode now. I reckon it's actually a TNG episode. Or rather, an ENT/TNG crossover. The Enterprise D also looked a bit different to that in TNG. It's because of it being computer generated this time, instead of a model. (Maybe there'll be a time when there'll be remastery of the TNG episodes, like replacing the ship with the computer generated one, as in the TOS remastery.)

Yeah, the film makers were really trying to integrate ENT into the whole Star Trek series. This episode was the climax.

I would have also prefered it if the episode was just an ENT one, with showing the speeches and signings at the end. I was actually looking forward to the speech. 

There certainly were, once again, the fanatical conservatives trying to prevent change. In this case, as in the 2 preceding episodes 'Demons' and 'Terra Prime'. They wanted Earth to be as in the 2 episodes before that - 'In a Mirror, Darkly' I & II. Once again, conservative is beaten by liberal and progressive.


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I rewatched this episode a week or two ago, and while I agree there was much wrong with it, as a stand alone episode it would have been fine. But as the finale of the series? No. It was a poor way to send off a great show. Enterprise deserved better. And while I hated that they thought it necessary to kill Trip, I LOATHED the way they did it. A sacrifice for your comrades is all well and good (See STII: TWOK), but to do it for no obvious reason? It's like the guys got on board, knocked Archer down, and Trip just suddenly went suicidal. He didn't try to contact anyone, he didn't try to outsmart them or anything. He just walked to that compartment and blew them and himself up. So stupid. I thought it was kind of interesting adding such background to the Pegasus episode, because Riker was faced with some serious decisions in that one, but I also was uncertain what he was supposed to get out of this. What was the lesson? And I agree with whoever said they liked the "Riker as Chef" one-on-ones with the crew. I enjoyed that as well. It was like we got our own private time with each character. And Shran was my favorite recurring character on the series, so it was nice to get one last episode with him present. So basically, I do not confine this episode to oblivion, but I do wish they had given the show a better send off and that we had gotten to hear Archer's speech.

Ahh, Kirk, my old friend. Do you know the Klingon proverb which tells us revenge is a dish that is best served cold? It's very space.


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Quote: SpockType @ Jun. 08 2012, 2:25 pm


>I would have also prefered it if the episode was just an ENT one, with showing the speeches and signings at the end. I was actually looking forward to the speech. 


I know!!! I was too! I wanted too hear the famous speech that made the Federation, but I guess they were afraid that it would not be inspiring enough or something.

Also, the Pegasus tie-in was a total failure. After watching this, I went back and rewatched pegasus in TNG and there is no where in the TNG episode where the ENT episode would tie in. The ENT writers had obviously not watched the TNG one in years. Besides that, was anyone else annoyed by the way they tried to make riker and Troi look young? Dying their hair black does not make them look 10 years younger! They look nothing like they did in the TNG episode! And the CGI Enterprise-D looked cheap and computer-generated. No detail, horrible graphics, and that deflector dish looked totaly unreal. You would think they'd put some thought in it!

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The easy answer would be to make the Enterprise novels canon.

It's unfortunate that B and B didn't just hang back and let Manny Coto and Andre Bermanis run the show.

It is hard to believe that this episode was the best script they had available.

All the best,Wayne


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THIS IS MY TAKE on THE FINAL EPISODE> It's about the Historic Record not being reliable: actually being inaccurate or corrupted.  

— Viz; (It's not what happened and Riker is looking into this, in retrospective) What I have to say ties in, IMO. Read on: 

 I watched Enterprise 'These are the Voyages' - Final Episode of ENT twice on video, once on Telly. And I have tried to understand what exactly made it so Damned ugly, that last episode, apart from the all too obvious.

And I found as some may have noticed, that the narrative was completely hypothetical - a fancy on the part of the record-keepers' department. Trip's behaviour was utterly uncharacteristic; the whole scenario of Aliens getting aboard unchallenged was unlikely and his inevitably suicidal 'heroic action' totally out of character. He knew he was too valuable to jump at the first sure fire way of killing himself to rid the ship of the threat of some 'newbie' aliens. (Aliens of who we never learn the name; - another DELIBERATE Breach in the narrative .... see below)

— If that final episode was anything other than a hybrid born of frustration by the Writers at cancellation and a sort of 'Easter-Egg' with a 'hidden in plain view' sub-text, then you might as well tell me that - "TV can be received on 'Rabbits' Ears' and Electricity comes in Two-Colours: - Red and Blue".

The Whole final episode Story is for the benefit of a recreation for Riker in the Holosuite aboard Enterprise E (I hope I got that right, at least). If the Computer records of the events (150yrs old) were corrupted, (¿during the original attack!) then accurate recreation of the actual events could be corrupted - leading to the ridiculous scenario. 

See Riker's face as he walks through parts of the Holoscenario; he's clearly NOT convinced of the authenticity of what he's seeing.
— THAT'S REAL. He Acts that out; - The Question Mark! As if he's in body language suggesting; - I don't believe this! (sic)

As for TRIP our ex-'hayseed' engineer, and whether or not he did die and whether the true historic record would show that he gets transported out as a hostage bargaining chip is only supposedly resolved by the figurative Funeral Ceremony where Archer talks about 'Now that Trip is Dead ..."

I know what people think; that after even 3 years it would have been too late to resurrect the series, but in a subsequent revisiting to the past story-lines, I think Trip's alleged death can be dealt with and expanded out upon; perhaps even the actor would be willing to participate?

Got to go.


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Quote: CommanderJP @ Jan. 26 2012, 7:56 pm


> It was supposed to work out, but no Tripp dies and T'pol is alone.... are you serious. I didnt like that about the last episode at all



No kidding! I had an emptly feeling in my stomach the entire episode, especially when Trip and T'Pol are asking each other if they missed the other one during the past 6 years. My god, what a terrible way to reward your loyal viewers who invested hours into this series.

What was especially bad was in the penultimate episide T'Pol doesn't respond to Trip when he is greiving the death of their daughter. It would have been more forgivable for the writers to allow T'Pol to express emotions than the other plot loop holes that abounded in these two episodes.

Trip: "You did all that with a phase pistol?" Reed: "Your good at fixing things, I'm good at blowing them up!".


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Report this Sep. 05 2012, 8:20 am

they could have had riker about to go of on the titan instead

that way explaining why hes put on 100 pounds and looks so much older than he did in the pegasus ep

troi looked much older too


they could have had them jump around to significant events in the last 10 years rather than just assume nothing happend at all

no promotions, no body died during the romulan war

no one transfered, amazing

amazingly pathetic


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it was fine BUT why did they have to kill off trip


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It was horrible, he had a good gf; and being a friend doesn't mean you say "oh you are my boss so your life is worth more than mine" pff, what the heck was wrong with them; maybe the writer hit his head the day before.  All b/c the network's greedy whores to the advertizers 

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It wasn't the series at its best, but it was good casting to bring "Riker and Troi", "The Hart-to-Hart Couple of Space", back. Refreshing.


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I think that was only b/c the writers thought "This series sucks, people much preferred that series" you know what would have been even better writing? Archer being down on himself and being ready to quit after the bridge crew was ordered replaced and a new enterprise between his and TOS' was to be put into commission and he was not at the helm but made an admiral at Starfleet HQ and Q showing Archer clips from the other shows, and showing him none of that would have happened without what he did on the Enterprise, and that he still has much work to do, and then showing bits of where each of the cast would be in the future.

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Quote: /view_profile/ @


>it was fine BUT why did they have to kill off trip


I think that was left open-ended.  It's not at all clear to me that Trip was killed.  There was no death scene!  Instead he was just shoved into the cellular regenerator (smiling) in sick-bay--left under the watchfull care of the good Dr. Phlox--while the rest of the cast went off to dutifully act out the rest of that hideous episode.

This isn't the first time we've been lead to mistakenly believe we've lost a cherished character.  Think back to the last episode of season 3; where Archer supposedly blew himself up on the Xindi weapon.  The crew came back to the Enterprise and informed other crew-members, "Archer didn't make it back."

Then season 4 opens up, and without even the pretense of explaining how or why, BOTH the Enterprise and a LIVING Captain Archer magically appear 150 years in the past and go about the merry business of season 4 without even a BAD EXPLANATION of how Archer escaped death (and apparently flapped his arms to land safely to Earth).  No attempt at connecting the dots for us at all.

If Archer can perform this miracle after only a single break to the next season, Trip can certainly be permitted the same leniency after a multi-year hiatus.

Trip has been almost-killed five or so times already, if you count this one at the end of season 4.  His prior close calls will have been equall unlikely if you want to examine them too closely.  Heck, it's entertainment, aye?

Resurrecting Trip will be a trivial task compared with the more formidable task of resurrecting this unfinished series.

Heck, at this point I'd be willing to accept a "Trip's prankster twin . . ." type of plot-line if it meant getting four more seasons with the original cast.  It certainly wouldn't be the first episode that doesn't stand up to close examination.

Just saying . . .




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Or, there's always the cherished "we've got his transporter scan from the last time he beamed", gag; which they have used allot.  Sometimes, like when Patrick's capt. was pure energy, it was critical that it was his energy; but other times, like with the 2nd Riker, it didn't seem to matter- almost implying it is only humanity's inherent valuing of their own individuality and further (even more thinly) implied ban (such as the modern ban against human cloning) that prevents there from being 20-Scotty's in an engineering crisis, or 2-Worfs so one can go off with his mate and the other stay on the Enterprise, etc.

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I really enjoyed this series and I am on the fence between this one or TNG as being my favorite.
Jeffrey Combs as Commander Shran was his best Star Trek role,imho.I loved how they utilized his character throughout the series."Pink skin!"
I like Scott Bakula as a actor,but why did he have to try to emulate Shatner's way of being a Captain on the Enterprise with weird random pauses in a sentence?Wtf,Bakula?Was it just me or did anyone else notice that?
I am currently wrapping it up on Netflix for a 2nd time.Although I have to agree with the original poster about the last episiode.It was a bad way to end the series.The only thing that makes any sense to me as to why it was done in this fashion was because they received news of the shows cancelation shortly before wrapping up the season.This is the only logical conclusion in my mind.I was also on the fence with the use of Riker.It kind of made sense that he would use the holodeck in this manner but I personaly fealt they should have kept the TNG crew seperate from this one.The ending of this Enterprise crew years later was poorly done.Most of it just didn't make sense lineraly.Why end it in this manner which solidifies what happened to everyone when you could have left it open for other story plots within the Star Trek Universe?

In any case,Star Trek rocks.I hope a new series can be figured out.I also play STO and think this is a great platform to ring in a future new series or pick up where Voyager left off.Think about it,CBS.


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With the speech that there was going to be, at the end, I was wondering if it isn't transcribed or something on a website. 

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