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Final Episode


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Quote: AveryM @ Jan. 24 2012, 1:24 pm


>We just finished watching all the Enterprise episodes on Netflix.  I really liked most of the Enterprise series, I thought the story lines were good (well except for the "In a Mirror Darkly I&II, those were so bad we just skipped them) and I liked how they frequently picked up from the previous episode, there was a continuity that made them more interesting.

>BUT..that final episode?  That beyond sucked, the two who wrote that ought never be allowed to ever write again, seriously.  There was just so much WRONG with it.

>1.  Shran got mixed up with "the wrong crowd" to the point that he had to fake his own death and go into hiding?  Shran? Nuh-uh, wouldn't happen.  

>2.  Enterprise is overtaken and attacked by a small vessel that can't go faster than Warp 4? And nobody saw them coming on long-range scanners?  Nuh-uh.

>3.  Enterprise is BOARDED by the agrressors, Archer and Tripp fight with them in the ship corridor, Tripp gets the aliens to knock Archer unconscious, convinces them to let him access some equipment panels, and then blows them all up with a plasma overload.  Archer regains consciousness, and stumbles over to find Tripp.  ALL WITHOUT SECURITY SHOWING UP.  Seriously? Nuh-uh.

>4.  The plasma explosion was enough to kill all the aliens 6-10 feet away and blow away a section of the corridor, but Tripp survived with fairly minor external injuries and fried lungs long enough to converse in sickbay.  Reeeally?  Nuh-uh.

>5.  Tripp & T'Pol.  So the couple who were joined so closely that they shared mind-space even with light-years between them, just decided to 'break up' six years ago?  And this after confronting the death of their daughter and the realization that they really, really loved each other?  Oh c'mon!! Nuh-uh!

>I mean, it was bad enough that the final episode of the series was really all about a character from another series entirely (Riker), but there was nothing that even made any sense in this episode.  I'm all for "willing suspension of disbelief" but the writers have to do their part, too.  This was so clearly just slapped together without any thought or reason, it should just be deleted from the archives as nothing more than a bad joke.  At least that's what I've done in my own mind.  As far as I'm concerned this episode never happened and I will probably avoid anything that is written by Berman and Braga ever again.



Well said! I had said something similar in the past about this episode that I will not name. 


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Quote: Jonnie_Goodboy @ Sep. 02 2012, 2:13 pm


>THIS IS MY TAKE on THE FINAL EPISODE> It's about the Historic Record not being reliable: actually being inaccurate or corrupted.

The Whole final episode Story is for the benefit of a recreation for Riker in the Holosuite aboard Enterprise E (I hope I got that right, at least). If the Computer records of the events (150yrs old) were corrupted, (¿during the original attack!) then accurate recreation of the actual events could be corrupted - leading to the ridiculous scenario.


I fully agree. It was a corrupted tape. And no, it was on the Enterprise D. You didn't get that right.

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that was a great story tho.


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I mostly feel bad for the actors who worked their butts off for four years and produced an outstanding show and didn't get a lot of credit from the fandom. 

Enterprise was, too me, the least politicized and thus most believable of the series since TOS. It felt the most human, the most down to Earth, and the most realistic. Trip was easily the character in the entirety of Star Trek that I most identified with. Maybe that's all a product of the time period, but if that's the case, it's a testament to how well the writers (for the most part) understood what they were writing.

I've heard complaints about continuity. I agree with some, disagree with others. Ultimately, I feel they did a really admirable job of "setting up" the future of Star Trek. In fact, this doesn't only work as a prequel. Personally, I advise anyone just getting into the series to START with Enterprise.

Imagine, for instance, the reward of hearing the mentions of the disappearance of Cochran only to find it a foreshadowing of Kirk, Spock, and Bones' encounter with him in Season 1 of TOS?

The sad thing about the series itself is that we never got to the Romulan War. Enterprise was easily the best of the franchise in tying a season together (some don't like that, but ENT recognized it as a personal strength of their writing staff, and ran with it, and I thought it was brilliant), and it's the only one of the shows I'd trust with a storyline like that (other evidence: The Dominion War... ENT would have pulled off the concept MUCH better).

I'm currently watching the entire franchise in chronalogical order, and I'm halfway through season 1 of TOS. Watching TOS in this light, seeing what almost feel like call backs to ENT, just makes it so much better. It's very clear that the writers of ENT took a LOT of inspiration from TOS, as opposed to TNG, DS9, or VOY. ENT was not only a great series on its own, it makes TOS better (the sign of a great teammate, right?).

The fact that the send off for this show was focused on TNG is sad, because while TNG was great in its own right, and of course was a ressurrection of what could have easily been left to die, ENT had its own accomplishments and own contributions to the franchise to celebrate. 


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I think that they were not just writing the final episode for the ENT, but also the final episode for the 17 years (?) continuous running Star Trek on TV. They may be too greedy as they were trying to put so many stories into that final episode. As a TNG fan, watching that final one was like an extra episode of TNG, I really enjoyed when Ricker and Troi show up , many actors from ENT were not happy about that story, that can be understand.


As I said once, ENT was a series had very good setting and really attractive to the fans, after all, 1st ship, 1st crew, formation of the Federation, Prime Directive, Romulan Wars… the writers did not need to worry about short of ideas ! ENT supposed to be the one EXPLAIN the beginning of the Star Trek ! but after watching all of them, it seems that the writers did not know where they were heading at all.


Captain is usually the star of the series, but in this case, I found the Chief Engineer and Science Officer are more interesting, it is really bad to see Trip dead in such way, especially when there is always something going on between Trip and T’pol.




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