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Final Episode


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Report this Jan. 24 2012, 1:24 pm

We just finished watching all the Enterprise episodes on Netflix.  I really liked most of the Enterprise series, I thought the story lines were good (well except for the "In a Mirror Darkly I&II, those were so bad we just skipped them) and I liked how they frequently picked up from the previous episode, there was a continuity that made them more interesting.

BUT..that final episode?  That beyond sucked, the two who wrote that ought never be allowed to ever write again, seriously.  There was just so much WRONG with it.

1.  Shran got mixed up with "the wrong crowd" to the point that he had to fake his own death and go into hiding?  Shran? Nuh-uh, wouldn't happen.  

2.  Enterprise is overtaken and attacked by a small vessel that can't go faster than Warp 4? And nobody saw them coming on long-range scanners?  Nuh-uh.

3.  Enterprise is BOARDED by the agrressors, Archer and Tripp fight with them in the ship corridor, Tripp gets the aliens to knock Archer unconscious, convinces them to let him access some equipment panels, and then blows them all up with a plasma overload.  Archer regains consciousness, and stumbles over to find Tripp.  ALL WITHOUT SECURITY SHOWING UP.  Seriously? Nuh-uh.

4.  The plasma explosion was enough to kill all the aliens 6-10 feet away and blow away a section of the corridor, but Tripp survived with fairly minor external injuries and fried lungs long enough to converse in sickbay.  Reeeally?  Nuh-uh.

5.  Tripp & T'Pol.  So the couple who were joined so closely that they shared mind-space even with light-years between them, just decided to 'break up' six years ago?  And this after confronting the death of their daughter and the realization that they really, really loved each other?  Oh c'mon!! Nuh-uh!

I mean, it was bad enough that the final episode of the series was really all about a character from another series entirely (Riker), but there was nothing that even made any sense in this episode.  I'm all for "willing suspension of disbelief" but the writers have to do their part, too.  This was so clearly just slapped together without any thought or reason, it should just be deleted from the archives as nothing more than a bad joke.  At least that's what I've done in my own mind.  As far as I'm concerned this episode never happened and I will probably avoid anything that is written by Berman and Braga ever again.


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Trip's actions in the hallway never made sense to me either. It was so out of character. Like many others here, I didn't like the way they tied it into Next Gen, it just didn't work for me.

Unlike you, I thouroghly enjoyed the mirror episodes. I like the way we got to view the paralell universe by it's self. I thought it was very creative the way it was tied into the Tholian Web from TOS.

The fourth season was my favorite. I went back and forth during the first two seasons, hoping they would find their groove, then that gawd awful third season,uugh! The fourth really felt like they found their stride only to end as some lame Next Gen episode.

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You really didn't like the 3rd season? That was my favorite.  I really liked the way the whole season was made up of episodes from one over-arching storyline.  (There was a bit too much time-travel, though, they were really beating a dead horse on that one.)  

I thought they had really blown it with the first episode of the fourth season, when there was yet more time travel and historical anomalies, but then it got better.  It would have killed me to watch it in real-time with all the multi-part episodes (we don't have cable, just Internet), but with Netflix it was like a whole bunch of feature films.

I'm still mad about the conclusion.  Was there ANYone who thought that was a good way to end it?  Besides the lazy bums who wrote it, that is?


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Can't believe you didn't like the Mirror episodes. Did you see some of the first and skip the second alltogether? I hope not cause you missed out on some good TOS stuff.

I know plenty (including myself) who've tried to defend the idea of what they were trying, as that's bridge the uninterrupted 17 year run of trek TV shows, by going full circle back to TNG. It was also full circle for Braga and Rick Berman who began their work with Star Trek during TNG. There were good intentions all round.

That being said...i didn't really like it either. For the reasons you pointed out as well as others like: (1) Why skip ahead ten years all of a sudden?, (2) Does the situation of Trip killing himself for his captain really help Riker so much?, (3) Why in blazes is Troi so damn addament about Riker going through a holodeck recreation rather than doing her actual job and helping him through his moral dilemma?, (4) Why use the Pegasus episode instead of something more Chain of Command?, (5) Why end Trip and T'Pol's relationship? It was one of the most well crafted relationships in Star Trek, (6) No mention of the Romulan War that gave birth to the actual Federation.

Other than having a chance to see a characters from diferent eras interact (which is always nice), Shran one last time, and the last few seconds were we see all the Enterprises and hear their captains say the fabled "Space, the final frontier..." speech, not a good final episode.

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Let me start out by sayng that Enterprise is my favorite of all of Trek. I love the characters, love most of the stories. Love the newness of everything.

I don't know if you read Trek or not but if you want to get that horrible taste of the last episode out of your mouth, I suggest you picking up "The Good That Men Do", "Kobayashi Maru", "The Romulan War: Beneath the Raptors Wings", "The Romulan War: To Brave The Storm". Decent stories and it really takes that horrible after taste out of your mouth. 

Had they played it out differently and given the ENT crew proper credit I think the last episode could have worked. They just wrote it badly and ENT never got the respect they so truly deserved. 

I liked the Mirror episodes as well. They were well done. 

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Honestly I didnt like the mirror episodes neither. I was thinking about skipping them the second time around. I think this it was STUPID for thim to have Tripp die, and yea the aliens with a slower ship boarding them without them noticing and then no security team? Thats just BS. Also I was really Hoping that Tripp and T'pol's relationship would have gone to a higher level, I mean honestly it was freaking ment to be... they can see into each others minds when they day dream about each other?? I mean COMMON! It was supposed to work out, but no Tripp dies and T'pol is alone.... are you serious. I didnt like that about the last episode at all


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Quote: CommanderJP @ Jan. 26 2012, 7:56 pm


>Honestly I didnt like the mirror episodes neither


I loved In a Mirror Darkly first time around. Not so much the second time, and not even exactly sure why. Although it may have been a result of high expectations, or the fact that after seeing it once, I already knew about the twist at the end.

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Report this Feb. 06 2012, 6:58 pm

No doubt much has been written about this final episode of Enterprise by fans of Star Trek so I'd like to add my two cents.  I was ten when TOS was first broadcast, I remember being very excited by the previews, such as they were in 1966, and I like so many others was immediately drawn in by the first episode even though it wasn't the first episode to be filmed.  My affection for Star Trek has never dimmed over the years.  When Kirk spoke his last lines in "Turnabout Intruder" - "If only, if only...." and the first series was history, I remember feeling like I had just lost a friend.  I was truly sad, even somewhat angry that something I cared for so much had been taken away.  Thankfully I was not alone and the ensuing years have shown just how loved Star Trek is by people around the world.  It isn't a television series, it's an event in history.  It's emblematic of our time in history, it's part of what we will be leaving to future generations as our hope for what we will become.  Truthfully, there can't be enough said of how unique this has been.  I've watched the last episode of Enterprise and that same feeling has come back, that same feeling that something great has passed, something irreplaceble and important has come and gone in the world.  Berman and Braga knew the end was near, they knew that the business of television is fickle and that businessmen don't give a damn about art or history or about kids that look at the stars at night and wonder if we'll ever be as wonderful as the characters we've come to identify with so closely.  The final episode of Enterprise was as close as the writers could come to bringing as many of the characters we've all loved as close to completion as possible, as best an attempt they could make to summarize and tell one last compelling story.  I'd say the results were mixed.  The subplot with Shran was his final bow, Jeffrey Combs created a memorable character and I'm glad he had his final star turn.  T'Pol was still in limbo, still unable to say to Archer how much she cared for him and Blalock clearly did not like her last moments as this character.  The supporting cast of Park, Montgomery, and Keating turned in their usual excellent work and Colin Trineer was as memorable as the wonderful James Doohan in the highly-visible role of Chief Engineer.  Hats off to John Billingsley who made the Phlox character as compelling as he could even though no one will best DeForest Kelly in the role of Ship's Doctor.  And finally there's Scott Bakula who struggled and ultimately earned his place as a compelling, believable, and memorable Captain.  I will miss his earnestness, his committment to making the Archer character as larger than life as Shatner and Stewart worked, and succeeded, in making their characters.  The final episode of Enterprise was not what we would've wished, not what anyone was expecting but, as Jolene Blalock said, it was a "wrapping up of the conglomerate" and how the hell was that supposed to happen in any case?  I refuse to nit-pick, to carp and to criticize.  I have only one thing to say:  thank you from the bottom of this ten-year-old boy's heart for bringing such a wonderful universe to life and thank you from this middle-aged man to all the wonderful men and women who've worked so hard and with such joy and committment to tell these stories, to create this alternate reality that will always be known by just two words:  Star Trek.


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Report this Feb. 07 2012, 9:14 am

Hi Gibmaticus,  I do appreciate your earnestness, really I do.  However, I really must also disagree with your basic assumption that Berman and Braga did their best in the writing of this final episode.  There is simply no evidence to support that assertion and everything to suggest otherwise.  Everything that I cited in the first post points to a carelessness and disregard for established storylines and characters that, frankly, borders on the criminal to those of us who feel as you do that these series are friends and not just television.  None of it made sense, all of it was completely out of character for the players, and it stank.

As for T'Pol and Archer: yes, she respected and cared for him both as a commander and a friend.  She LOVED Trip.

So, you refuse to nit-pick, to carp and to criticize, but you are more than willing to sing accolades for what was essentially a slap in the face to all the fans.  It was like they thought we were all too stupid to even notice the glaring inconsistencies.  Or maybe they were just mad that ratings had fallen and were being spiteful.  Who knows for sure?  One thing is quite certain though, and that is that this last episode stands out as the absolute worst episode of the series, and Berman and Braga should be ashamed.


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The last ep didn't happen in my AU

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My God, these writers, messed it up for the actors. They should have had 7 years. This was a tuff story line to write. But, the potential was enormous. The founding of the federation, meeting the other species, could have been explored more. The cast; in my opinion, they worked the best they could with the writing. They were very few super exciting episodes, like on Voyager or TNG. When they got to the 4th year, they should have changed writers and gave the show a chance. I watched the entire series on netflix and I was pissed when I watched the last episode. The last episode was awful. also, these networks need to get it out of their heads, that every show need to be #1. there are 300 channels on most t.v's now, with tons of niche shows. why they cancel a show that has a multi-generational following. like (Kyle XY) sometime, ABC and CBS, "the needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many." Regardless, if CBS dosent want to make a new series, then sell the rights to sci fi or AMC.

GOD ! please bring back a series or 2...


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Report this Feb. 10 2012, 6:13 am

[quote]." Regardless, if CBS dosent want to make a new series, then sell the rights to sci fi or AMC.

-AMEN, Brother!!!!

Shannon Caspar

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Report this Mar. 01 2012, 4:55 pm

The final episode was the disapointment of the series, the rest of the series was excellent, the mirror episodes didn't do much for me either. The thought process for the last episode shouldn't have passed through, it should have concentrated on the ENT cast and the creation of the Federation, not a history lesson for Riker, TNG had not right being part of it.


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The final episode was an abomination and B & B should be ashamed of themselves.  

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Report this Mar. 19 2012, 5:39 pm

At first I thought bring in Riker and Troi was an interesting idea.  I think that maybe it COULD have worked- but it didn't.  It was very poorly done.  Just a cameo by Troi and Riker would heve been enough IF they were going to be in it at all.  The plot didn't really make much snese either.  After all those years of kicking ass, Enterprise was going to lose people to those intergalactic riff-raff?  Tripp's actions made no sense.  I feel like they really short-changed his character.  he could have found a smart way to beat those guys.  I also really didn't get what Riker was supposed to get out of all this. 

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