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I cant figure how to use mem alpha....


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Quote: shadygrove22 @ Dec. 11 2012, 7:34 pm


>I cant figure how to use mem alpha....


Memory Alpha is where you can craft equipment, weapons, and the like. Here's a brief rundown on how it works.

To craft, you must have all of the following:

- Data Samples (possibly Particle Traces as well). These are obtained by scanning anomalies in mission maps. If you successfully complete the "Waveform Modulation" mini-game, you're rewarded more of them.

- Research Points. These are rewarded by crafting items; the better an item the more Research Points you need, so you'll need to work your way up.

- An appropriate Schematic. You can get schematics by crafting them (they're dirt cheap) or by buying them off the Exchange or from a vendor.

Most high-end equipment also requires Unreplicatable Material, which you can purchase from Vendors for Refined Dilithium.

You don't need to craft to get good gear, though. Usually the drops you get from defeating enemies will be enough. Or you can sell the drops on the Exchange for more Energy Credits, which you can use to buy stuff in the game.

I hope that's not too confusing. Let me know if it's still not clear.

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