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Has LeVar Burton forgot about Geordi LaForge ??


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>How old is LeVar anyway?

>I think Oprah is only interested in things like 'Roots'.

>I'm sure that if LeVar was doing an interview for a scifi magazine he would mention TNG.


I think he's like 52-ish, No, Oprah said  "since ROOTS he spent years doing READING RAINBOW" What about the 12 years he spent doing Star Trek ?


Not only as an actor on TNG, but he also directed numerous episodes of other Trek series, including Voyager, where he also did a cameo. I loved Reading Rainbow as a kid. 

Reading Rainbow also did an episode where they actually showed the preparetion for the TNG pilot! and people running around on the set practicing for when the camera would be on, so we have a few people not fully ready. so you get to see some people in rare form... (like 'Data' wearing a jacket over the starfleet uniform. if i can recall)


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